Friday, February 10, 2012

Counseling WIN, Vegetarian FAIL

Because my bed is calling me (I’ve been sleep deprived this past busy week) I will keep this short and sweet: I legitimately counseled a patient today!  For real.  It was incredible.  I explained to my patient’s mother the testing options and what we, that’s right WE, recommended for her daughter.  It was an incredible feeling.  Oh yea, and I ate some yummy things like plum and blueberry overnight oat bran topped with honey.


A small sampler plate of crackers, colby jack, venison sausage, strawberries, and an orange cranberry muffin almost 6 hours after breakfast because my patient took over three hours to see.


A piece of toast with sweetened peanut butter ricotta cheese (don’t knock it till you have tried it) and apple butter.


A handful of super sweet grape tomatoes.


A large plate of tempeh, cheddar, and salsa nachos with a side of sliced, raw, broccoli stems and mustardy hummus.


And a delectable red velvet cupcake from Thursday’s happy hour.


So, as I mentioned yesterday, I’m going vegetarian for the week and I’ll admit, today was a FAIL.  I was so hungry by 2p (breakfast was at 7:30) and so flustered by my patient’s mother who was incredibly talkative that I totally forgot I was supposed to be vegetarian and I had that thin slice of venison sausage seen above.  Oh well, the way I see it, it was one little piece.  I promised to myself to be more committed and I’ve already done a bunch of research for recipes to make this week so I won’t be caught off guard.  In fact, tomorrow I’m making red curry lentils and vegetables and Mary is bringing the quinoa.  That’s right, Saturday night dinner date anyone??  Sounds like a plan to me.  =D

Friday French –>

Phrase: Je suis végétarien.
Translation: I am vegetarian.
Story: I think this is pretty self-explanatory given the last two posts.  Definitely a phrase I can use in the next couple of days!

Questions: What would you miss most if you went vegetarian?
Have you ever had venison in any form?


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