Thursday, February 23, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1. I may have a peppermint problem.


Haha.  I get these at my chiropractor’s office and they are the perfect combination or hard peppermint candy and butter mints.  Seriously delicious.  Now, trust me, I didn’t eat all of these today but I’m fairly sure I have at least one per visit like today when I had an adjustment and a massage.  It was blissful…and then I had a peppermint and it was sweet too.

2. Pesto on pasta is scrumptious.


Catechumenate dinner was spaghetti with a choice of sauce: meat ragu or pesto.  I choose the pesto, obviuosly, and it was really good.  I also had half, or more, a plate of salad which was also nice.  The garlic bread almost stole the show though but that pesto really stuck with me.  I dipped my bread in it for the WIN.  Yum!

3. People matter and when you have good ones around you, everything is better.


I say this for two reasons today.  First, at Catechumenate tonight we shared our stories about encountering God and such.  It was a powerful sharing experience and it was made all the more perfectly intimate by the sharing, caring, and calming presence of the others there.  The women at my table all are so respectful and encouraging.  They are curious and open.  It was a nice time.  Then, I came home and had my second people experience of the night.  Mary and I devoured this s’more bar (with a side of ice cream)…


…and had a delightful time talking about our weeks with each other.  It was nice to take some time out of my night to spend with her.  We actually ended up spending almost two hours!  The truth is friendships take fostering and added sugar never, ever hurts.  =D

It’s a pure coincidence that all three of those points began with P: peppermints, pesto, and people.  Honestly, completely unplanned.  Haha, and as I continue to chuckle to myself, I should tell you had I have pancakes for breakfast.  They had bloobs, strawbs, and a honey drizzle on top.  Oh, wow, what a day!


Questions: What are your three points for the day?
What do you have planned for the weekend?

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