Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Ways He Loves Me

I am blessed every day, not just today, with a wonderful man in my life who loves me so very much.  We are one month away from celebrating our two year anniversary and what a two years it has been.  I have been loved in more ways than I knew existed.

So, on this glorious Valentine’s day, I thought I would share some of the ways he shows me he cares:

1. He buys me massive containers of Chobani when I just ask for “yogurt”.  Talk about going above and beyond, how sweet.  Seriously, one way to my heart is totally through my stomach, especially when it’s something I don’t always buy for myself.  Treat!


2. He randomly texts me, at various times of the day, just one simple word that means the world.


3. He dances me with everywhere: in the living room, in the kitchen, on the dance floor, in the hallway, the beach, you name it!

4. He leaves me post-it notes in random places for me to find after he has gone…and he’s so good about being secretive that I never know when or where I’m going to find them!


5. He never fails to tell me I’m beautiful.  In fact, he sends me pins (on Pinterest) to remind me.


6. He challenges me intellectually.  I was always used to being the big fish in a little pond, even in my relationships, so the first time he ever helped me with my biostats homework, I got freaked out.  After the initial shock I realized just how awesome it was to have someone on my level who could really engage me mentally.

7. He makes me random treats when I come to visit.  Hello peanut butter & Oreo stuffed brownies and pumpkin Nutella cheescake!


8. He Skypes me so our long distance relationship doesn’t always seem so far away.

9. He shares my insanely geeky love of Battlestar Galactica and doesn’t make fun of me for my semi-silly fantasies of being the kick ass female lead, Starbuck.  =D

10. He sends flowers on Valentine’s Day…and not just red roses because that’s what you’re supposed to buy on this holiday but orange lilies and roses because orange is my favorite color ever and he never forgets that.


With all the gushy stuff said, here’s my Tune Tuesday part of the post.  I have chosen some songs that remind me of Valentine’s Day/romance/love in one way or another.  Some are recent memories, others are much older, but they all have some ties.  Hope you like them.

Questions: Do you have Valentine’s Day songs?
How do you know you are loved?


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