Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

I had a lovely weekend.  I must say that being around my parents is incredibly rejuvenating.  There were mimosas.


And waffles and scrambled “egg-cakes” with freshly dehydrated herbs.


Some extra champagne to finish off the bottle.


Sushi lunches with best friends.


Smiles and laughs with a lady I haven’t seen in years.


There was a certain cute puppy too who might just be the animal love of my life.


And some pretty stellar early birthday gifts for Jack and me.  I must say that my parents have completely outdone themselves this year.  I instantly burst into tears when I read what they were giving me on this my 24th birthday.  I may be a sap but these wet cheeks were totally warranted.


So basically, this weekend was really great for me and while it is never easy to leave, it is certainly easier to do so when I know I’m going to see them again in a month at a family reunion for my mom’s side.  I must say though, the drive back to my apartment is always hours longer than the drive to my parents’ home.  Well, maybe not for real but it feels like that every time.

Back in our regular state, Jack and I wrapped up the weekend with Mexican at a local La Hacienda.  The margaritas were cold, chips were crisp, the shrimp enchiladas were scrumptious, and the fried ice cream was perfection.


Also of note, I officially started Insanity and I’m a bit worried about it being too much to handle.  Let’s just say this is what I looked like after day two (though day one really doesn’t count because it was the fit test alone).


Now, I’m off to bed.  I’m sore and I can only imagine what I’ll feel like when I wake up tomorrow morning.  Any bets on my ability to walk?  Before I go, I can’t forget today’s tuneage.  This is one heck of swing-danceable/bluesable song.  Love it!

Questions: Have you ever tried Insanity?
What is your favorite flavor of margarita?


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