Tuesday, July 10, 2012

“Beet” Me Up

Battlestar Galactica, what?!?


Surfing the web this evening produced this gem as part of EW’s “14 Sexiest Badass Fight Scenes”.  I was more than excited to see that my two beloved two pilots made the cut.  This episode where this scene comes from (Unfinished Business) is one of my absolute favorites of the series.  It has some great flashback cuts and it shows another side of the crew as they air their anger, annoyance, and frustration in the boxing ring.  They may be beating on each other but in the case of these two hotshots, it’s honestly out of love.  If that doesn’t make sense to you, you should really go and watch the whole series to get a feel for their tumultuous, fascinating, engrossing relationship.  Anyways, enough, I’ll stop now.  Seriously though, go watch!


This morning was a struggle.  My alarm went off and I rolled over only to stay in bed for another song.  Then, no matter how much I really didn’t want to do anything, I convinced myself to get up and do Insanity.  I did the Cardio Power & Resistance workout but man was I sluggish.  I managed to do it all, sure, but I was slower than normal.  I think it’s honestly because the last thing I had last night was a salad around 6p.  I don’t know that my body had enough fuel.  After my workout I showered, dressed and go myself to the shuttle to head to campus.  I ate my breakfast of the last bits of cottage cheese mixed with flax, wheat germ, cinnamon, and a nectarine on the way.


When I got to work I started pelleting 63 cell cultures for DNA.  Man, there were a ton.  The sorting and labeling alone took two hours.  Thankfully though, because this wasn’t my first rodeo, I managed to get 48 done before noon.  I stopped for a cheese cube break around 10:30 because I was starving.  My nibblin’ kept me satisfied through the last bits of pelleting though I was getting pretty hungry when lunch time rolled around.  I almost immediately scarfed down the salad I brought.  In the mix: red leaf romaine, carrots, celery, roma tomatoes, mushrooms, yellow pepper, nutritional yeast, and BEETS!  That’s right, beets are what made this whole salad delicious.  They were just a bit sweet and complimented the raspberry vinaigrette to a T.


Seriously though, this baby didn’t last long.  Fairly sure I was done before I started.  Haha.  After everyone finished their food around me they picked at some of the leftover desserts (key lime pie bars, red velvet brownies with cream cheese frosting, and pecan pie minis) from Matt and Ashley’s housewarming party on Saturday.  They have been making steady progress on all the treats which is good because as long as they’re in my co-workers stomachs, they’re not on my hips.  =P


After lunch I did the last of the pellets (49-63) and headed over to the student room for the patient prep portion of my day.  It was around two and I was already hungry again so I treated myself to a lil drumstick courtesy of my lab’s PI.  Dr. D really is awesome when it comes to being the greatest boss ever.  He is laid back and he brings ice cream for everyone.  You can’t get much better than that.


With my sugary pick-me-up in my tummy I proceeded to call my patients for Friday.  Thankfully both of my patient’s parents picked up the phone and confirmed their appointments and answered my questions.  I love it when that happens.  Makes things so much easier.  I must say I’m excited to see what Friday’s clinic holds.  I suspect both my patients have isolated conditions but we’ll see what happens!  Just before I headed to catch the shuttle I was hungry again so I crunched an apple as I finished things up at my desk.


This, of course, kept me full for all of 60 minutes and when I was home I was hungry again but I didn’t want to eat dinner at 5:15 in the evening.  So I snacked on some cucumber salad while I was trying to put off cooking.


My procrastination worked for about a half hour and then I was hankering for carbs so I made myself dinner.  I sautéed some onion and garlic along with quartered grape tomatoes, broccoli, and chicken & apple sausage.  I sprinkled some Italian seasoning and cracked black pepper on the veg as it cooked.  Then I tossed in some whole wheat penne and alfredo sauce.


As you can see, I ate this in the late evening sun that was streaming through my windows.  On the side I also had some toast smeared with butter and minced garlic topped with parmesan cheese.


The whole dinner was incredible.  I wanted to eat four more bowls.  I’m hoping the carbs will make Insanity a little easier tomorrow morning.  Plus they just made me nice a full and satisfied so this combo was certainly the right choice for me tonight.  Plus, it wasn’t all carbs.  There was protein and veg in there too in my defense!

I spent the evening watching some DVRed shows, including last night’s Bachelorette and some Hell’s Kitchen/Masterchef goodness.  I also read up on oligodontia (missing >6 adult teeth) and missing ribs.  Did you know that 5-8% of people have 11 pairs instead of the normal 12??  While doing all this I had another ice cream craving that I chose to indulge by eating the last bits of my cappuccino chip frozen yogurt blend.  Some chocolate syrup too.


Perfection on a plate in a mug.

As I go, I leave you with a tune since it’s that day of the week.  This song came to mind because I watched Cruel Intentions last night.  It’s played at the end of the movie and I think it goes pretty well with what’s happening in the plot.  I hope you like it.  I hope it takes you back (since it was released in 1998).  For me it reminds me of 5:15am ice skating practices in bloody cold rinks with no jackets!

Questions: How do you balance out a carb heavy dinner?
What’s your favorite pre-made ice cream treat?


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