Tuesday, December 13, 2011

3/5ths Is Better Than Nothing

I am officially 60% done with finals week.  Man, two more days, two more exams.  Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming…

Highlight of the day: I received a new book in the mail today!  I’ve been eyeing it for a while so I’m really glad I finally got it so that I can tear into it on Christmas break!


I woke up this morning at 7:30 to make it to my 9am final with plenty of time.  First thing I did was text Jack to make sure he was at his 8am final or at least on his way.  I had an awful dream that he overslept and my text woke him up.  He was, of course, crazed and unhappy and it was a crappy start, so I was very happy when he jovially responded he was about to leave.  Now reassured, my second matter of business was breakfast.  I toasted up my leftover half a waffle from Saturday and topped it with a pumpkin/Biscoff/peanut butter/wheat germ mix plus some maple syrup and chia seeds.


Afterwards I walked to school and immediately ROCKED my Foundations in Genetic Counseling final.  Seriously, I was amazed at how easy/straight forward it was.  I was out of there in 35 minutes flat.  Feeling loads lighter, I walked myself home and hopped on the treadmill for a 35 minute maintenance run.  I saw Mary in the fitness room too which was really nice.  She finished all her law school finals before this week started so I am ever so slightly, mildly jealous.

I showered when I got home and then called my mommy while I made myself some lunch to refuel.  I grilled up a feta, tomato, and cheddar sandwich and chopped up some celery and carrots to dip into green goddess dip on the side.


I also snagged a piece of peanut butter fudge that I found on my desk in the student room this morning.  How sweet!


Mom and I talked for a while and then I needed to get back to studying so I let her go and started working on Metabolism lectures.  Two-ish hours later I was finished with those and I figured a nice trip to the grocery store would be a decent study break.  Besides, I needed eggs and sandwich turkey anyways.  I ended up coming home with more than that, of course, and actually sliced up an apple to dip in more pumpkin/peanut butter mix for an afternoon snack.


I also chomped on some yogurt covered pretzels (read: finals week crack) while going back over Metabolism information.


I moved on to Dysmorphology (Thursday’s final) but soon found myself falling asleep right over my notes so I took a quick twenty minute nap (I passed out sooooo quickly) and then woke up refreshed and continued to rewrite lectures.  When dinner time rolled around I was about halfway through the dozen-some PowerPoints and craving a salad.


In the mix: romaine lettuce, carrots, celery, red onion, tomato, green pepper, green beans, dried cranberries, fat free feta, honey roasted peanuts, sweet & spicy French dressing.  I downed this in front of the TV vegging out, only momentarily, to Making The Team: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders on DVR.  There are days I REALLY love mindless television.  When I was finished with my salad I really wanted something salty/crunchy so I grabbed a few everything bagel pretzels and some sesame sticks.


Diggin’ the orange pajama pants aren’t you?

Post dinner entertainment (*cough* yea right…) consisted of more studying, and more studying, and more studying.  I finished writing out Dysmorph notes and took another break, this time for dessert because after all


spelled backwards, right?  That’s what I thought.  I grabbed a hodge podge of cookies (from the swap!), yogurt pretzels, and fudge.


I also dug into my DVR again for an episode of Burn Notice to unwind.  I really should get back to it again though huh?  Yea, Metabolism calls.  That 1p final tomorrow won’t wait for anyone. Also have MedGen Clinic orientation in the morning at 9a.  Sleep early perhaps??  Have a great night but before you go Tune Tuesday features some “get up and dance” tunes for when you’re so stressed/crazed/burnt out that you just need a song that you can rock out with:



Questions: What’s your favorite “stressed” dessert?
How’re your finals going so far?


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