Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Museum of Science

Two quickest ways to make a group of people silent/on edge/angry/tired: 1) have them stand for close to six hours straight while checking out museum exhibits and 2) don’t feed them all afternoon after having breakfast at 9am.  Yup, that’s what happened today.  It was awesome, don’t get me wrong, but it was a bit trying so let’s start at the beginning.  Breakfast started off with a toasted sesame bagel with cream cheese, some eggs with ketchup and pepper, and bacon.


Dani and I ate together and when the boys joined us we headed off to the house and then from there to the Boston Museum of Science.


We walked through all sorts of exhibits and saw some really cool things.


In the mid afternoon we did a planetarium show: Cosmic Collisions.


The seats were comfy, it was 2:30pm, and I may or may not have fallen asleep for a few brief moments.  On the whole the movie was not as advertised though it was still cool.  Admittedly the coolest thing we saw all day was an infrared image of ourselves.  I am always cold and Jack has a theory about why: I act like a furnace and just constantly dump out all my heat so I can’t regulate my own body temperature.  Well, ladies and gentleman, I dare say he’s right.  Just look at how much hotter I was than him!


We finished off the afternoon at the museum then cruised town to grab chocolates and cannolis.  Finally we made it to a hotpot restaurant for dinner.  We ordered four kinds of broth: kimchee & Chinese herbal and Japanese miso & beef bullion.


The table ordered everything under the sun from seafood to beef to lamb to an assortment of mushrooms.


There was barely any room on the table and then the sushi arrived: dragon roll and volcano roll along with two pieces of unagi.


It wasn’t the most filling meal with bits here and there so I wasn’t fully satisfied probably because I was just so darn hungry before we got to dinner.  It was still good though, certainly.  I liked the udon noodles the best probably because they felt the most heavy in my stomach at the time.  We returned home and I immediately dug into the mile-high apple pie on the counter.


Then I sampled the peanut butter cannoli from our sampling tray of original, hazelnut, chocolate chip, and PB.  There was also a Boston crème puff too.


Now we’re off to watch A Knight’s Tale.  I probably won’t see you tomorrow because we’re traveling home.  Sadness.  We’ve had such a good time.  It seems a shame to leave.  Have a listen to this week’s Tune Tuesday before you leave:

Questions: Do you like science museums?
Have you ever had a cannoli?

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  1. Woah, that picture of the girl in the cage looks scary! Wow, it looks like you had a delicious dinner, even if it wasn't very filling.


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