Saturday, December 24, 2011

Pre-Christmas Pleasantries

What a week so far it has been: traveling, eating, laughing, loving, and lavishing in the safety of not having to go to the mall for last minute shopping.  Let’s start with the eats of late:


Peanut butter and jelly waffle sandwich.


Chicken with mushroom sauce over wild rice with broccoli.


Pesto tortellini with shredded chicken, chunky marinara, and shaved parmesan.


Lobster roll with fries.


Coffee cake crumb muffin.


Strawberry Chobani with Carr wheat cracker crumbles on top.


Chocolate frosted donut.  Yes I ate it shared it with Jack using a fork!


Dehydrated pineapple from my awesome mommy.


Idaho nachos.


Buffalo chalupas.


Chocolate covered Oreos with nonpareils.  We made them last night!

Aside from eating, we have been up to a whole bunch too.  Before we left for Boston, Jack and I had a dinner and game night with a few friends.  We started out with Pictionary which we dominated in the latter half of the game.


My favorite picture of the night that I drew: a Pegasus.


We then took on a game of good, old-fashioned Scrabble.


The four of us were surprisingly neck and neck for the whole game but my use of “SIREN” ended the game pretty promptly.  I ended up winning on accident after Jack found the rule that entitled me to all the points the other players lost when I used the last of my tiles.


Other things we have been  up to: catching up with family (in the midst of wine, cheese, and chocolate), taking tours of old neighborhoods, playing with all the new technology in the new house (Jack’s dad and stepmom just moved), sleeping in twin beds, finding new leaks in the bathroom, grocery shopping since there was very little in the kitchen when we arrived, and the best of all: relaxing!  Today’s plans include picking up Jack’s brother, brother’s girlfriend, and stepbrother from the airport; making sugar cookies and having a frosting party; getting Chinese takeout for dinner (tradition!); and relocating to a hotel for the remainder of our overnight stays since downsizing has severely limited the bedding capacity of the house…

I hope your pre-Christmas preparations, pleasantries, and parties have been great.  Have a superb Christmas Eve and Christmas morning!  Enjoy this time and relish all the experience and memories you are creating.  Food for thought before I go:

Questions: Your best eat of late?
What is your favorite Christmas EVE tradition?

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