Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sushi Party!

I hope you like raw fish because we’re about to get our sushi on.

Jack’s friend Thomas decided a bit ago that he wanted to have a bunch of people over and make sushi.  So last night, a bunch of old friends converged on Thomas’s mother’s house and we got down to business.  Thankfully the rice was already made so a few of us started chopping, slicing, and dicing the sushi components so we could get going on rolling up some.  I did the fish: yellowfin tuna (astonishingly pink) and salmon.


We snacked on miso soup while prepping.


Jack was the first to start rolling and after a bit of a learning curve we started pumping them out in assembly line fashion.


The most prominent combination was asparagus, avocado, and cucumber though other mixes emerged later like salmon, asparagus, and cucumber or yellowfin, avocado, and enoki mushrooms.
















I was mainly the slicer of the rolls and after we figured out that letting the rolls sit for five-ish minutes after they were finished but before slicing, things went a little better.  Some rolls still turned out kind of messy but it all worked out in the end because there were a lot of people who didn’t mind fisting a heap of ingredients NOT in roll form straight into their mouths.  I tried my hand at the whole assembly deal a bit later in the evening and was very pleased with my crab, red pepper, and asparagus roll.


While everyone was munching on sushi pieces of their choice, some of the guests decided to play “who can eat the most Wasabi” all in the name of being the most manly person in the room.  May I just say I thought this was an awful idea.  Anyways, Jack decided to participate as well as David and Liz.


Jack won though he shed a tear or two while he was eating his piece of sushi….  Before the group settled in to play Cards Against Humanity, one of the guests busted out pork tamales.  They might have been off-theme but they were yummy none-the-less.


Now fully fed and watered, we got a bit raunchy in this adult version of Apples to Apples.  To give you an idea, just check this out.  The black card is what the white cards are played in response too.  Warning: this may be offensive to some.


Honestly, we all laughed harder over some of the answers than any of us had in a while.  It was the perfect thing to play at the time.  In the middle of the game Jack busted out the dessert we had brought.


I had one two slices during the game and oh man was it worth every single delicious bite.  Jack was right about making two tarts… They were demolished.


Jack also drank some tea with dessert and was given an adorable mug to use.  There was a cow in the bottom.  So cute.


When we had finished the game (we played two rounds of the table) we said our goodbyes and headed home.  Sadly, we probably won’t see a bunch of those friends for a while now so I’m glad we have such a nice night before heading our separate ways.

This morning, on the last day of 2011, I woke up nice and late at 10:15am and had a snack of almond butter and Chobani before accompanying Jack and his mom to the store to pick up food stuffs for our movie marathon/game night to ring in the new year.  When we got back and put away all of the groceries, I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and refueled with a nice lunch.  I had a sandwich and paired that with half an apple, some Wheat Thins Stix, and BBQ Baked Lays.


The sandwich was an interesting one made out of 12 grain bread, crab stick, and hummus.  As weird as it sounded it worked.


Now I’m going to do a bit of work before we start the party here.  I hope everyone’s evening/night goes well.  Please be safe and don’t drink and drive.  This is a night for celebration but that doesn’t mean you have to be stupid about it.  Have a great one and I will see you in the brand new year 2012!!!

Questions: Do you like crab stick or is it too artificial?
What are your New Years Eve plans?


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