Monday, December 5, 2011

Wonderous Waffles

This morning started off with a bang!

When I woke up at 8 I was pretty darn tired but I grabbed an apricot with peanut butter…


…and headed out to the fitness center.  I did 3.77 miles in 35 minutes and then a 5 minute cool down.  It felt really great though honestly working out in the morning kind of threw the rest of my day off because I ALWAYS work out after class. This sort of flipped my whole day on its head.  When I got back to the apartment and had showered I opened up my brand new, thanks to Black Friday and Joshua, waffle maker!!!


It looked super snazzy and was just dying for some batter to cook up. Enter these—>

Vanilla Protein Waffles
A DNA and Dessert original recipe.

A perfect base that can probably stand some add ins.  Great thing about it is the protein content: 12g of protein per waffle! Makes about 2.5 waffles on my iron (maybe 8 inches across).

2 tbsp protein powder (I used 15g)
3/4 cup plus 2 tbsp flour (I used 105g of a wheat/all-purpose mix)
3/4 tbsp baking powder
1/4-1/2 tsp salt
1/4 cup Stevia (or sugar)
2 tbsp melted butter
1 egg
1/2 cup milk (I used unsweetened vanilla almond)

How to:
1. Preheat your waffle iron.
2. Combine the protein powder, flour, baking powder, salt, and Stevia.
3. Add in egg, butter, and milk.  Mix well.  I ended up adding about 2ish tbsp of water to thin out my batter but it really depends on your flour, your protein powder, and your preference.  Your call!
4. Spread batter evenly over your iron and cook until the iron says it’s done!
5. Repeat until all the batter is gone.
6. Top it with all sorts of yummies or eat it plain but either way, ENJOY IT.


I topped my waffle with peanut butter, maple syrup, wheat germ, and chia seeds.  Seriously, it was stellar and I stuffed my face pretty much.  Loved it and I can’t wait to eat my leftover half a waffle this week for breakfast.  Sadly, I only got one and a half usable waffles today because the directions tell you to pitch your first one since the iron was brand new. Oh well.  =D

I worked on homework/role play/presentation prep all morning and then packed up my cookies for the Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap 2011.


I then marched my booty down to the post office and mailed them.  It took a bit longer than expected and was honestly a bit more money than I expected but I suppose it was worth it for the experience.  I will say though I will seriously consider how much money I spent the next time I contemplate participating.  On the subject though, I received two shipments of cookies in the last two days.


Waiting on one more!  I actually had one of each selection for dessert later in the evening.


They were delicious.  Anyways, back to school, right?  I had to hoof it to Metabolism class after the post office and it was of course raining.  Ugh.  Note to self: never walk in the rain in a non-waterproofed down coat.  I was a bit damp on the inside when I arrived at school.  Class was fine and we learned about peroxisome disorders.  More bad news is what it boils down to…please Lord don’t ever let me give birth to a “floppy” hypotonic baby.  Nothing good can come from it, that’s for sure.

In between Metabolism and Human Genetics I had my lunch.  I packed a turkey, baba gannoui, and garlic mayo sandwich along with sesame sticks, bold chex mix, and everything bagel pretzels.


It was the perfect interlude taste-wise though it probably wasn’t good timing.  I honestly fell asleep for a good half hour.  Ooops.  After class I hopped the bus and munched on a cookie bar (made by me for the Cookie Swap!) while heading home.


Because I had worked out early in the day I spent the whole afternoon working on homework, again.  Man, I hate the stressful feeling that creeps up on you when you realize you have some major exams coming on in less than a week.  Blah!  Around 6:30 I realized just how hungry I was so I broke for a bit and made dinner.  I boiled some whole wheat penne rigate and combined it with chicken sausage, peas, tomato & basil pasta sauce, and feta cheese.


Yum.  After my first bite I added some onion powder though because it needed a bit of a kick.  It worked and I scarfed it down while watching Once Upon A Time on DVR.  More work followed, both academic and non-academic.  My extracurricular activities centered around food.  I bought some organic tempeh at Trader Joe’s the other day and decided I should try it out, do something with it.














So I made up a marinade with soy sauce, liquid smoke, sesame oil, and some spices and brown sugar and I’m going to let it soak overnight and probably a little more.  Presto: tempeh bacon!


Then I think I’ll either bake it or sauté “fry” it.  Any thoughts? Dessert also constituted an extracurricular.  I made a sundae and used it as a reward for working so hard.


Anyways, Tune Tuesday anyone??

Have an awesome night everyone.  I need sleep, yo!  I can’t keep sleeping in class…

Questions: Do you like waffles?
What are your favorite toppings for them?


  1. wow, you got both of your cookie packages in one day! i'm jealous - i'm waiting in eager anticipation for mine...

  2. Hi Jillian! Than you so much for the Chia Bars. My kids are pounding them as we speak!! I love the little bit of texture and crunch for the Chia seeds. I also recieved cookies from Krissy and Hilary. I've been telling my kids that all these cookies we are getting in the mail are from Santa's BAKE SHOP! And we are official Taste Testers! I'm laughing because the tin looked like it got hit by a mac truck when it got here haha. but the bars went un touched!


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