Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Blame It On The Finals…

I am officially 80% done with finals and approximately 20% out of my mind.  Only one little exam left, tomorrow at 2p.  I am so ready for this to be over.  Today was also a bit overwhelming for another reason however, actually independent of my finals altogether.  We first years had Medical Genetics Clinic orientation, aka, “here’s every form you’ll ever need, every thing you should never do, every thing to make sure you always do, and all the stress you could possibly want because next semester you’re seeing REAL LIVE PATIENTS!”  Yea, that was fun.

My morning was fueled by a pumpkin chai protein breakfast cake topped with Biscoff, maple, and chia seeds.


My lunch was a turkey, cheddar, and garlic mayo sandwich alongside Bold Chex Mix, Special K crackers, and everything bagel pretzels.


Then I took my fourth final: Metabolism.  May I just say I rocked it?!?  So if we recap, that is 2 I crushed, 1 I did well enough on, and 1 I’m praying for.  I’d say all in all not too shabby.  I haven’t had this many finals in one week since I was a freshman undergrad so I’ll take what I can get.

My following afternoon consisted of studying for Dysmorphology, napping, and getting an adjustment/massage.  Seriously, the massage was probably one of the best things I could have done today.  It really released a lot of the stress I have been carrying all week and let me float away for a whole hour.  It did leave me, however, super hungry despite my apple snack in the car ride over.


When I got home I threw together a quick dinner of whole wheat penne rigate, wacky mac veggie pasta, mozzarella & garlic chicken sausage, french cut green beans, tomato basil pasta sauce, and parmesan cheese.  To give you an idea of how hungry I was, let’s just say that the bowl went from this –>


to this –>


in approximately 5 minutes flat.  I totally had a moment when I looked down to get another bite and realized it was all gone.  Whoa.  I figured I shouldn’t waste anymore time and got back to studying right away.  I tell ya, these terms aren’t going to learn themselves!  A bit later though, things got funky.  Maybe this was due to finals stress, maybe this was due to my eyeing this recipe for like, I don’t know, A YEAR, but really whatever it was due to I don’t care because Chubby Hubby Bars are so worth it.


Honestly, don’t you just want to stick your face in this dough?  I know I did…but don’t worry I restrained myself.  After all I did promise some to my lab tomorrow for our pitch-in Christmas party.  Can’t let them down now can I?


Instead of eating it all myself, I spread it all in a pan, topped it with more awesomeness, and then baked it for 30 minutes.  I would like to say that I studied during this down time but I was much too taken by the aroma to be much good.  Ooops.  When they came out I may have drooled slightly, just sayin’.


Right now they’re on the kitchen counter cooling (I’m going to let them go as long as possible so when I cut them I’m not dragging chocolate anywhere) and I’m back to studying though I have some of my crack friends with me to get me through.


I’ll catch you on the flip side, ladies and gentlemen.  I will probably be a much happier, perkier camper when we meet next because I will be DONE with finals!  Hope all is well in your world.  By the way, this has been part of the lovely What I Ate Wednesday crowd. =D

Questions: Have you ever had a Chubby Hubby Bar?
What is your favorite dough to eat with your fingers (or a spoon)?

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  1. Chocolate covered pretzels are dangerous...they are so addicting!


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