Sunday, January 8, 2012

Last Days of Christmas Vacation

This weekend has been productive.  I have relaxed, went to church, met some new people, failed to find new shoes, had dinner with some friends I haven’t seen a while, made cookies, and had another nutritionist appointment with a new practitioner.  Whirlwind, huh?


Nutritionist appointment –>

This particular practitioner was recommended to me by my mom which means she is actually where my parents live, not where I live so we spoke on the phone on Saturday afternoon.  We tried to Skype at first but that didn’t end up working yet so we defaulted to cell phones.  It was a much better experience than last time, that was for sure.  On the whole I wasn’t completely reassured because I went into the appointment with certain assumptions and when those weren’t confirmed, I took it kind of hard.  We’re going to continue to work through those issues next time.  Some of the things we did decide on included adding more Vitamin D and B-complex to my daily routine, replacing half of my typical “dessert calories” with fruit instead to get more natural sugars into me instead of ice cream sugar (sad but necessary), shooting for 50-60g of protein a day which I’ve actually already done naturally before it was even asked of me, and trying the idea of eating for my blood type.  Apparently, as an A blood type individual, I would thrive being a vegetarian.  Honestly, I’m fairly sure I love chicken, fish, and turkey too much to do that so we settled on simply adding in some of the A-“beneficial” foods rather than trying to remove A-“you shouldn’t be eating these” foods.  I can deal with that.

One of the most thought provoking things to come from the session was the notion of eating when you’re hungry and not putting off consuming food for any length of time.  So basically, if you’re hungry at 11a don’t make yourself wait until 12 noon because your body interprets that as there isn’t any food around since you’re not feeding it when it’s asking you too.  If your body thinks there aren’t calories to be consumed, it goes into storage mode (where it stores things as fat instead of immediately using it as fuel) because it needs to make sure that it can okay if there isn’t any nourishment around.  We obviously know in our minds that lunch is coming, that we can get food when we want it, but our bodies can’t see that, they can’t know that.  So they do what they know how to do to ensure survival.  You can’t blame the body for being “nervous” as that tendency comes from a time when we might only have one carcass to feed the whole tribe every week, if we were lucky.  The advent of fast food and grocery stores really render this tendency obsolete but our bodies, again, don’t know this.  So, in order to avoid the storage mode, you should eat when you get hungry and listen to your body.

I think this is probably the easiest and the hardest thing to accomplish for me at the moment.  I never need an excuse to eat so if you’re telling me to listen to my body and when it’s hungry, to eat, I’m fine with that.  I do love consuming food.  However, the calorie counting voice in my head says that if I eat every time I’m hungry I’m going to blow through calories so quickly that there won’t be any left at the end of the day for dinner or dessert, that I am going to gain weight.  Hence, this is going to be hard.  I’m striving to silence that voice in my head.  The truth is that my body knows what it wants, what it needs, and when it needs it.  The key for me is going to be TRUSTING in that fact.  At this time, goal number one I would say.

Recent eats –>

Yogurt mess with peanut butter, wheat puffs, cinni-mini crunch, peanut butter & chocolate puffins, chocolate crispy oats, banana, wheat germ, chia, and whipped cream (just because I could).


Grilled chicken and cheddar sandwich with a Jonagold apple on the side.


Smashed poached egg and hummus sandwich on toasted wheat bread.


A few butter shortbread cookies.


Jonagold apple with hummus to dip in.


Awesome salad with romaine, celery, carrots, green peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, salty full-fat feta, and raw cashews dressed in sweet & spicy French.


Salted chocolate chocolate chip oatmeal cookies (some with peanut butter dollops).


Notice how aged one of my silpats is??

Well everyone, I’m off to watch Miss Congeniality (a $5 bin buy at Walmart) and then hit the sheets.  I need to be up early for work tomorrow.  No classes, but work.  Classes start on Tuesday and I see my first real, live patient on Friday!

Questions: What was your favorite eat of the weekend?
Are you headed back to school tomorrow?


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