Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Peace Out Girl Scout

Guess what arrived today via my boss at work??


That’s right.  It’s Girl Scout cookie season!  I snagged a box each of Thin Mints (the classic) and Dulce de Leche (a new flavor for me).  The verdict: both are delicious!  It’s probably a good thing I only have a box each because I could eat seven times that.  =D

In other news today, I exercised my rights to Stage 2s.  Essentially that is code for DNA extraction.  It’s tedious but the steps where I get to actually see the interface and the DNA starting to clump and fall away from the supernatant, those are really cool.  It reminds me of being back in general genetics class in undergrad when we dumped cold ethanol into our beakers and got out a whole clump of “snot” (aka DNA) derived from bovine liver.  Sorry if I just grossed you out but seriously, it’s really neat to see.

My workday was broken up by a brief 15-minute lunch break.  On the table was a big bowl of vegetarian chili with a whole coconut oil cornbread muffin crumbled up in it and an apple on the side.  It really hit the spot.


From there it was back to work and then over to the student room to finish up some paperwork and to start more patient prep for Friday.  As I used a program designed to take in patient information and spit out differential diagnoses, I really wished there was a way to filter out the “neonatally lethal” conditions.  After all, if I have a 3-year-old or 14-year-old in front of me, that patient doesn’t have a condition that would kill them a few months after birth.  Case closed.

I took this beautiful afternoon as an opportunity to walk home.  It was a balmy 60 degrees and a bit overcast, sadly, but still wonderful.  I tried out a new Target brand protein bar on the way and wow, it was wonderful.  Seriously, we’re talking closest thing to a Reese’s you could safely expect from a “nutrition bar”.

When I got home I burned some time and then headed to the fitness room for 30 minutes on the bike.  My workout companion this time around was a book on grieving styles and gender differences in grief expression for Psychosocial class tomorrow morning.  Talk about dry reading!

When I came back to the apartment I set out to roast some veggies while I did more Jillian Michaels 6-week 6-pack.  In retrospect, this wasn’t the greatest idea.  Yes, by doing this I managed to get a good 30 minutes of baking time out of the way while I worked out but on the other hand, I had to inhale roasting oil smell the whole time.  It was a bit weird/sickening.  Oooopps.  On the bright side, the veg came out delicious.  Come back on Friday for the recipe!


I ended up pairing a generous portion of the vegetables topped with parmesan cheese with a chicken sausage and BBQ sauce.  Nice, quick, flavorful, and filling.  Right after dinner I kept reading on grief.  A chapter or seven later I busted out some homemade frozen yogurt (yogurt mixed with stevia and marshmallow fluff then stuck in the freezer for 45ish minutes) covered in chocolate/caramel sauce and crumbled cookies, one Thin Mint and one Dulce.


I was pleasantly surprised at how well this turned out.  It isn’t the most perfect substitute for ice cream (which I really wanted) but it worked well and it definitely is more healthy than the alternative.  I was happy overall.

Now I should go read more, yes more, on how men and women are different.  Why must I be so studious and actually do the reading for class?  Blah.  Off I go but first, you need your weekly tune don’t you!  Well, here it is, an oldie that used to play on the radio when mom would drive a 10-year-old me to 5am ice skating practice –>

Questions: Have you ever frozen your own yogurt?
Which is your favorite Girl Scout cookie?

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  1. I love Tag-a-longs! And the closest I've come to freezing my own yogurt it buying it at the store and shoving it in the freezer lol. I know exactly how you feel about the DNA extractions in undergrad, man I miss those days sometimes.


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