Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Please Control Yourself Heart!

Today was a heart-pounding day.  I was so nervous because I had to call my Friday patient's parents this afternoon.  All I could think of is all the stuff that could go wrong, that could be said that shouldn't be.  The calling part was even difficult, who knew you needed a long distance code for the office phone?!?!  Blah...  Seriously my heart was beating out of my chest!  When I did finally get a hold of the parents, things went kind of alright with the dad.  I'm fairly sure I let out a few awful, nervous laughs but then my chat with the mom went much better.  I see them on Friday in clinic so I'll let you know how the actual appointment goes.

Hitting rewind for a few moments, breakfast before Grand Rounds this morning was a breakfast cake topped with peanut butter, chia, and maple syrup.  I really like the portability of this morning meal for me.  I take it in tupperware and eat it on the shuttle to campus.


Especially on days like this, rainy and chilly, it warmed me up and kept me satisfied until noon.  When I did start to get hungry (yes I was listening to my body) I snacked on some pretzels while in seminar.  No picture because that would have been rude and out of place but afterwards, around one, I ate lunch in the student room as I worked up my patient.  I had a crab and hummus sandwich with Old Bay seasoning along with an lovely, large Jonagold apple on the side.


By this point I had to head to work so I romped across the street and got my scan on in the freezer room until 4p.  We moved our table from the edge of the room to an aisle sandwiched in between a bunch of -80 degree freezers and it was really warm actually. Totally comfortable.  Honestly, it made it so much easier to work when my fingers weren't literally about to fall off from being so numb.

After work I went back to the student room to call my patient and after those 15ish minutes of success I hitched the bus home.  I always forget how much longer it takes to get back to my apartment this way when there is rush hour traffic around the city.  Finally home my tummy was starting to grumble so I fueled with a date and cinnamon almond butter before my workout.


I did 15 minutes of both the elliptical and the reclined stationary bike followed by my fourth dose of Jillian Michael's 6-week 6-pack workout.  This was the second time my heart was beating out of my chest.  Man, judging by how I feel after each of these 35 minute workouts, I may have a 6-pack or at least something like that, by the end of the next six weeks.  Stay tuned for before and after photos at three and six weeks.  =D  Post shower time I grabbed string cheese to tide me over while I ran a quick errand in the rain.


When I returned and got to have my real dinner (a little later than I wanted) I baked a sweet potato, drenched topped it with baked beans, and served that with a side of broccoli stalks.  I suppose that's all you get when you reach the dregs of the frozen broccoli bag.


That sauce on the side, you're wondering what it is aren't you?  I whipped up some mayo, mustard, and parmesan cheese for the greens on my plate.  It was inspired by my grandma's old recipe of mayo, mustard, and horseradish.  I liked the parmesan better for sure though admittedly I have never been a horsey-fan to begin with.


It was a great meal and oh man, sweet potatoes and baked beans are a match made in heaven.  Seriously delish.  Now I'm off to get some rest before tomorrow's day of class and preclinic presentations.  My heart is beating normally now and for that I'm grateful.  I have a feeling it will speed up on Friday again.  We'll just have to take it minute by minute though for now.  Sleep well everyone but before you do, get your late night giggles here.  I love Battlestar Galactica and this brought a smile to my face.  I hope it does to yours too.

Questions: Do you have a special family sauce?
Do you like broccoli stalks or just florets?


  1. haha! i recently have learned to love broccoli stalks, myself. but, i do prefer them mixed in with the crowns...right? ;)

  2. Your sandwich sounds like a great combo! Thanks for sharing the idea, I can't wait to try it out myself :)


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