Friday, January 27, 2012

Swap Me Something Good

Hi everyone!  I hope your Friday was awesome.  Mine was fairly decent.  I think today started out so great because last night was really nice.  Catechumenate started off with a super delicious dinner of pot roast; baked potatoes; sautéed carrots, parsnips, and onions, gravy; and salad.


I washed my plate, sans gravy, down with a cup of tea.


After dinner we went up to pray and used the Book of Common Prayer this week.  We did an evening devotion as a group.  There is honestly something so calming about sitting in the choir pews right up next to the altar in a dark church.  It’s almost angelic the way we sit under a halo of lights.  Pretty ethereal I must say.  When we made our way back down to the parish hall, there was dessert waiting in the form of ice cream, sorbet, and cookies.  I had a bit of the vanilla ice cream, a taste of each of the sorbets (mint, pineapple, raspberry), and a chocolate chip cookie and a peanut butter cup cookie.  Perfect end to a lovely meal and the perfect kick off to our night of discussion.


We talked about the bible, what we though of it, how we thought we should read it/treat it/present it and such.  I liked the discussion and the line that most resonated with me out of the hour and a half was “In human beings we encounter God.”  My journey to the church is 100% proof of this.

Today’s joys were in seeing my second patient ever.  The 10 month old baby boy was so adorable and an absolute pleasure to be around.  He was on his best behavior.  I was also pleased that I was able to keep up with the neurogeneticist during this exam.  For not knowing all the cranial nerves and how they’re tested, I did pretty well… And by pretty well I mean that I scribbled everything that he uttered and then sorted it out later.  Hey, don’t knock it, it worked!

Other awesome parts of the day revolved around friends, new and old.  First off, I had lunch with my good friend from undergrad, Christina.  She works in the research department of my current grad school and interviews subjects for alcohol and obesity studies.  It was nice to catch up with her, especially about my patients.  Second off, Mary invited me to a clothing swap at one of her friend’s houses.  If you have never been to a clothing swap, or you’ve never heard of one, here’s how it works:  get a bunch of ladies together; open a bottle or two of wine; feed them salty meats, creamy cheeses, and delicious dips; have everyone pile their donated clothes and have at it!


All the ladies at this party had a blast.  We all rummaged around and then tried everything on, slowly creating piles of clothes we were claiming to take home.  I made out like a bandit.  Seriously, apparently I was just the perfect size for everything.  I ended up scoring some sweaters, long sleeve/short sleeve t-shirts, tank tops, two dresses, and a nice pair of dark jeans!


I also snagged a bright yellow purse for a nice change of pace.


On the whole it was a great day.  I really enjoyed getting to know some more wonderful young women.  I sincerely hope to see them again and hang out.  What a way to kick off the weekend!  Now I’m off to bed for some good rest! Sleep well world.

Friday French –>

Phrase: Bonsoir. or Bonne nuit.
Translation: “Good evening” and “good night” respectively.
Story: For when you need to round out conversation at the end of the day.  =D

Phrase: Voulez-vous danser?
Translation: Would you like to dance?
Story: This week I drove up with David to surprise Jack up at a weekly swing dance jam where he goes to school.  We had a great time so I figured I should learn how to ask people to dance.

Questions: Have you ever been to a clothing swap?
What is the hardest piece of clothing for you to buy?


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