Saturday, January 12, 2013

Another Day In PJs

Check out this weather we had today!?! Damn.  I’ll take sunshine and cloud and sixty degrees over twenties and snow any day.  Beautiful.


Not that I can say I really went outside and enjoyed it.  I again spent the day in my pajamas doing school work on the couch and watching more of The Vampire Diaries.  Despite my lack of sun-induced vitamin D production, I got a bunch of work done.  Or at least enough to feel like I had a worthwhile day.

I woke up on my own around 9am and lazed around until finally pulling myself out of bed to go to the gym.  I did 35 minutes on the elliptical and then went to the weight room to do some ab work.  It was brief, I wasn’t really in the mood to work my core.  I had had my fill of cardio and was just wanting some food.  Home in my kitchen I indulged a craving for cereal.  In my bowl: Fiber One, Life, a dash of vanilla almond milk, cottage cheese, some Stevia, and Trader Joe’s coffee chocolate grinder.


A few bites in I realized I needed some more milk.


A few more pours later I scarfed down the whole bowl and proceeded to completely blow the rest of the morning.  Around noon I finally showered, haha, and then did some work before breaking for lunch at 2:00.  I spiced up the leftovers of the disappointing egg salad from a few days ago with paprika, garlic, and onion powder.  A nice dash of salt rounded it out with some cheddar cheese on my sandwich.  On the side: carrots, tomatoes, and crunchies.


I continued to work as I watched the rain roll in during the late afternoon.  At some point I called my parents and chatted.  They happened to be with my maternal grandmother so I got a chance to catch up with her too.  Admittedly it was probably one of the most lucid and interactive conversations I have had with her in a while.  It was very nice.  Several episodes of vampires later, I warmed up dinner in the form of last night’s leftovers minus some of the extra marinade, plus some light sour cream.


Man have I been on a sour cream kick lately!  This stuff is just too good.  The tempeh and the quinoa were just as good the second time around.  A good dinner overall.  For dessert a while later, I made myself a paleo mug brownie with almond butter, cocoa powder, and some egg white.


I topped it with some non-paleo Arctic Zero (chocolate peanut butter flavor), lite chocolate syrup, and 63% dark chocolate chips.  Oh the chocolate-y goodness.  Delicious dessert.  Now I’m back to devouring episodes for the rest of the night.  There are moments I think I’m really, super duper lazy but then I remember that I work incredibly hard during the week so let’s call this justified and well-earned laziness.  I’m sure I’ll enjoy it.

Question: What is your best lazy pleasure?


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