Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Half A World Away With My Heart

I once again braved the cold and made my way to the gym this morning.  Did some HIIT on the elliptical while reading Whole Living.  By the time I finished I was nice and sweaty and warm and not particularly fond of taking the icy walk back to my apartment.  However, after considering quickly the fact that there was no food at the gym, I moved along.

After a quick shower, breakfast seemed the next logical step.  I re-warmed the chocolate protein oats (a combo of rolled and steel cut) I had whipped up last night and put them into my my old flax seed peanut butter jar.


I topped it with banana slices and a light honey drizzle, which really put it over the top.


Deliciousness in a jar.  I ate breakfast while reading a bittersweet email.  My best friend from my ice skating days has gotten married and moved to China.  Yup, as in halfway around the world, China.  It’s hard to be so far away but thankfully technology makes it easier.  I added Shanghai to my world clock so now I always know what time it is where she is.


We plan on Skyping/G-Chatting, evenings for me (after clinic and patients and all that), mornings for her (after her hubs heads to work and she’s just killing time).  Can’t wait for a tour of their new apartment!  And while I’m so happy for her and I’m glad she’s out there doing her thing, I miss her and I sometimes feel like we got jipped in terms of time.  We went to college states away from one another and only got to visit once or twice.  Plus the more we grew up, the less we came home from breaks.  Oh the curse (and don’t get me wrong, blessing too) of growing up into adults…  Here’s to keeping in touch and living vicariously!

School unraveled itself today in the form of Molecular and Population Genetics classes.  The former finished early but the latter dragged on and on.  Seriously, I’m not into knowing how Synder’s ratios come about.  In my world, just give me the formula and I’ll use it appropriately.  I’ve had enough of p’s and q’s and Hardy-Weinberg.  So much so that I got myself real hungry forcing myself to pay attention.  After class, I immediately chowed down on leftover cajun pasta and some [ashy] baby carrots.


Nice and hot and filling.  I’m so glad I decided to bring something warm for lunch because I was chilled after class.  I, no joke, held my warm pasta to my neck.  I was that cold.  Haha.  Sadly, after warming up I had to walk to my car in the cold.  Off to clinic I went and saw two afternoon patients.  They were some of my most rocky patients I have had yet due to some unexpected complications.  Showed me how to adapt on the fly.  Felt good to be done but it was a decent learning experience all told.

I ran a few errands on my way home.  After arriving on my couch a while later, I set out to do a patient letter and get it out of the way.  That went really slowly and eventually I gave up and got some dinner.  Chipotle edamame egg salad sandwich topped with pickles.  Crunchmaster crackers.  Orange.


Man, the egg salad was awesome and those bread and butter pickles were perfect.  I wanted more!  Instead, though, I went back to letter writing and research.  I was interrupted, pleasantly, by none other than my daddy on FaceTime.


It was incredibly sweet and I must say, there is just something so different about speaking so someone when you can see them, you can see what’s around them.  It was so much more unexpectedly emotional to talk with him and see my living room in the background.  I’m such a sap…  Emotionally taxed, I grabbed some dessert (planned before I got all emotional so while this was technically semi-emotional eating, it wasn’t out of the realm of my calorie plan for the day).  Thanks to Pinterest, I had run across a light version of cheesecake consisting of greek yogurt, cheesecake pudding mix, and Stevia for a little more sweetness.


I layered it with an icing layer of almond butter and some mini chocolate chips.


Incredible and really protein packed.  You should seriously try it people.  4oz of yogurt for every 8g (1/4th of a typical pudding mix packet) of mix.  The mixture gets really thick, in fact I think it set just like a light whipped cheesecake would be.  It was great.  Oh and random thought about almond butter: if you get the natural kind that requires some stirring to reincorporate the typical oil separation, try flipping the jar over for a day before you mix.  It will mix sooooooo easily when you return the jar upright and go to stir.  Seriously, this will save you so much time and mess because if you’re like me you try and mix vigorously enough to get it all homogenous but then you end up with overflow and stuff.  I just opened a new jar of almond butter and I was so pleased with how easy this was after letting it sit upside-down for a day.  I will always do this from now on!

Questions: Do you use FaceTime to chat with family/friends?
How has technology kept you close to someone far away?

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  1. I do the upside down pb thing too! I always drain off the oil because I like the texture of it when it's extra dry for some reason. I'm sorry to hear about your friend moving away :( Lastly, I also think those lean cuisine things are waaaay toooo small. I'm surprised it lasted you until your snack! Mary


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