Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Creeper Status, What?

Day two of my last semester down!  No classes today, just eight solid hours of prep, prep, prep.  I did all sorts of catch up work like editing letters, writing letters of medical necessity, doing insurance preauthorizations, and arranging meetings with committee members.  I also did a ton of prenatal prep work.  I wrote three template letters to get me started.  They were for three of the most common reasons for referral in the prenatal clinic: 1) advanced maternal age (by far the majority!), 2) positive quad screen for Down syndrome, and 3) positive quad screen for open neural tube defects.  Glad to have those out of the way, though there will be plenty of revisions I’m sure!  Another super important task I undertook today with my eight hours of dedication: my visual aids binder.  Boy did this thing need an overhaul.  I hadn’t touched most, if not all, of my prenatal visual aids since role plays back in first semester.  There were also things I knew I was missing like cell-free fetal DNA.


And some of the age-related risk charts you can also see in that picture.  Then there was the fun stuff –> infertility aids!!


I’m really not so sure I’ll ever get to use the ART and infertility aids in an actual prenatal session but I wasn’t going to pass up the chance to make them.  After all, I just got back from my internship at RGI and I’m all stock full of reproductive genetic counseling inspiration. All told, my visual aids binder stuffed by the end.  Yes, it was as large as my entire thumb.


I fueled myself appropriately all day.  After a cardio workout this morning, I showered and made myself some PB&J whole wheat waffles with a side of yummy orange by desk lamp light in the early morning.


I admit I tried to front load today’s calories, or at least I thought about it.  And then I ended up with this… Not so front loaded, though tasty.  I really should try to eat more earlier because I always end up under my calorie mark.  Pretty scared that my body thinks I’m starving it most days.  I wish it was easier to eat sometimes.  Anyways, I suppose I’ll keep trying.  For lunch, almost 5.5 hours later, I had some salad with cranberries and light Caesar dressing.  I also had some cheese and an apple that I spaced on taking a photo of.  I was in the visual aid groove.


After lunch, I achieved total nerd creeper status.  I saw an old acquaintance from undergrad announce her unplanned pregnancy.  The first thing I did was look at the rest of her page, past all the congrats and such, and saw a status in December that seemed a bit out of the ordinary: “Life surprises you sometimes.”  Oh really?  So, yea, I busted out the pregnancy wheel.


Turns out that comment was likely posted around the time she would have noticed a missed period and taken a pregnancy test.  Yes, I’m almost ashamed of how creeper-ish that was.  Ridiculous.  Haha.  So, after that little nerd break, I went back to visual aids and letters.  I had planned, and even packed, a fairly caloric snack for the afternoon to tide me over to dinner but ended up not being hungry at all.  By the time I rolled around to my home couch, though, I was getting a bit rumbly in the tummy.  I made myself some brown rice mixed with Trader Joe’s edamame hummus and lima beans with teriyaki tempeh on the top.


Drink of the night: cream soda.


Treat of the night: a truffle or two from my stocking loot.


And still, despite all of this yummy wholesome food, I was under calorie for the day.  Please body, don’t think I’m starving you, okay?  I’ll try to use more peanut butter, more avocado, more dense things to hit my number.  I’ll try and front load so I don’t end up with a thousand for dinner that I know I can’t bring myself to eat.  I’ll try, every single day.  Now I’m off to do some stretches to help me achieve the splits.  I’m trying to get a bit more flexible for when I tackle aerial silks.  I mean, let’s be honest, how awesome would this be to do?

Yea, that’s what I thought.  You can pick your chin up now, hehe.  =D  Have a good night group.  I leave you with a tune since it’s Tuesday!

Questions: Can you do the splits?
What are the best stretches to do?

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  1. I cannot do the splits, however I do love me some hurdle stretches. As for your silks class, you'll have to share because that sounds soooo cool.

    I wouldn't be too worried about your calories unless you are WAY under (or well under 1200) consistently. I'm almost always below my calorie goals, but I try to eat at least 1200 net calories a day. Some days I don't make it. A good way to add healthy calories might be to snack a little even when you aren't feeling rumbly or to add nuts to things! Good luck girl!


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