Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rocked That Role Play

Today was a great, great, great day!

I woke up in time to make breakfast and catch the shuttle again because it was raining and windy too boot.  For this morning’s eats I decided a green monster was in order to use up some spinach from the fridge.












Yes, it may look like sludge but this chocolate peanut butter mocha green monster was chock full of nutritional value!  Yum yum.  Creamy, dreamy, and smooth on the way down.

I arrived two hours before my role play and I used that time to do some last minute printing and prepping what I was going to say.  At 11a I began my role play.  The scenario was as follows: My patient was a 27-year-old primigravida woman (this means this is her first pregnancy) who is 11 weeks along and has a history of bipolar disorder with lithium exposure during the pregnancy.  Needless-to-say the role play went completely backwards from how I had practiced but I was so pleased with my psychosocial questioning, my empathy statements, and my ability to let the patient lead the session.  She dictated where I was going to go next and I was able to make the whole thing a conversation.  Plus, throughout the whole session my pretend patient, who was supposed to be bipolar and I found out that she was off her meds at this point, was making all these snarky comments but I was proud that I managed to remain calm.  All in all my professor summed it all up by saying “I loved this role play for you Jillian!” and I couldn’t agree more.  I was so happy with it.  Perhaps I can do this!

After the role play I went back to the student room and bragged to my mommy.  She was a proud momma for sure.  I also dug into my lunch because at this point it was past 12:15 and I was hungry!  I toasted up some bread, topped it with the last of the tuna salad and a slice of mozzarella cheese.  On the side I crunched honey twist pretzels and sesame sticks (my personal crack I think).


Once satisfied I headed over to our professor’s office to discuss one of our assignments due on Monday.  Basically it consists of 8 abnormal CGH cases and we have to do a full work up on each.  Being 100% honest, each case has taken me an average of 2 HOURS to do.  When I brought this up to her and that I only had accomplished 3.5 of them and none of my classmates had started yet, she lowered the number from 8 to 3 so I officially was finished with that assignment as of that moment.  This was beyond awesome because I really, really didn’t want to have to work over this weekend while attending my cousin’s wedding.  Thanks to speaking up, I don’t have to.  How great!!!

The next hurdle of the day was the dysmorphology midterm.  Everyone was nervous, no one felt like they were retaining any information, but it started at 3:30 and the professor bribed us with brownies.


I may or may not have had two…

I feel alright about the test as a whole but I know there were some words or conditions or presentations that I had to guess on but oh well.  I wrote as much as I could to show that I really did know what I was talking about even if I couldn’t remember the actual specific dysmorphological word for it.  After the test we all had to sit through a full lecture which was not on anyone’s list of things to do.  It was massively hard to pay attention.

I ended up walking home in the utter cold and wind once class had finished.  It was nippy but when I got home maintenance had fixed my heater so the apartment was so perfectly toasty.  I was in heaven.  Since today was my rest day and I had no homework to keep me busy I took the chance to peruse the internet, watch a few Mad Men episodes on Netflix, and just plain do nothing.  Before I knew it two hours had passed and I was getting kind of hungry so I whipped up something a little off beat.


On the bottom is a salad on red leaf lettuce, carrots, celery, green peppers, and onion.  On top was a nice heaping helping of heated leftover curried chicken and broccoli casserole with a nice dumping sprinkling of nutritional yeast.  While it may sound kind of weird the cream of mushroom soup “sauce” of the casserole made a dressing for the salad.  It was all sorts of yum.

The rest of the evening consisted of lots of TV and packing for the wedding weekend getaway.  I’m still not convinced I have everything yet but after my long run tomorrow I’ll make sure before I leave for my massage/chiropractic appointment.  While packing I had a lovely sweet cup of tea.


What a nice way to end a completely, utterly, awesomely successful day.  I sincerely hope you had just as great of day and you have just as super of a weekend planned as me.  Talk to you soon!

Questions: When do you do your long runs? How long are they? How do you fuel for them?


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