Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hail To The Redskins

Sunday is football day in my opinion.

Unless my team plays on Saturday or Monday.

Then those are football days and Sunday is just another day.

Just another day with parish breakfast on the brain!

Jack and I hauled ourselves out of bed just in time to grab a quick bite and head to the church kitchen.  He had a banana and I had two apricot bites, one with sunbutter and the other with Biscoff spread (my new weakness).


When we arrived in the kitchen we took our stations: Jack manned the eggs and bacon and I doled out juice, yogurt, and cereal (which no one actually ordered this time around).  The special today was oatmeal with cinnamon apples and it went like hotcakes.  People are suckers for a warm bowl of goopey goodness on a semi-chilly morning.  Screw 40 degree weather in the beginning of October, thank you very much.

After the line dissipated Jack and I shared a breakfast of the special, a few scrambled eggs, and a three slices of peppered bacon.


The cinnamon apples on the oatmeal were just sweet enough to work against the rather bland oatmeal.  It was totally plain and just cooked with water so it really needed something.  I think I may make some cinnamon apples for myself or actually, even better, apple butter thanks to Angela and her recent post.

Back at the apartment, after doing a dish or two, Jack and I hunkered down to work on homework, role plays, studying, and take-home exams.  Blah, blah.  We made significant progress and at two we decided to go to lunch at Panera.  By the time we got to the store front it was closed (honestly, who closes at 2p on a Sunday??) so Jack proposed hitting up a sports bar in order to watch the Redskins game.  I couldn’t think of a better idea!

We decided to make an “experience” of it so I consider this visit to be a Taste of the Big City for sure.  We stopped a brand new sports grille restaurant (just opened last month!) and scouted the restaurant for the perfect table with a view of the game.


When we chose our table we took our time with the menu and started off with the Buffalo Shrimp Wontons.


These babies were little pillows of shrimp, cream cheese, and buffalo sauce fried up in a crisp wonton and served with a homemade chunk bleu cheese dressing.  Wow.  These were yummy indeed.

For our entrees we shared in order to experience more of the menu in our time there.  He ordered the Bangkok burger (an Asian inspired pork burger topped with fried potato straws, avocado, and wasabi mayo) and I got the Soon-to-be-Famous Deep Fried Cheeseburger (half pound cheeseburger with pickles and housemade special sauce, tempura battered and fried).  For sides we upgraded to the sweet potato fries and the ultimate macaroni and cheese.


Holy wow!  We split our burgers in two and swapped.  I ate the deep-fried selection first.


It was very interesting.  A bit overdone for my tastes however being deep fried doesn’t lead to great temperature control.  Oh well.  I spread each bite with a bit of mustard and ketchup and that helped with the dryness.  The Bangkok burger was a bit overcooked for me too but its Asian flare was nice and I had never had a pork burger before so it was a cool change up.  In terms of the sides: the sweet potato fries had an interesting sweet cinnamon kick to them that was totally unexpected while the mac and cheese was creamy, bacon-y, and all together down right delicious.

By this point the Redskins held a beautiful 17-3 lead as we rocketed into the fourth quarter.  Not only was I on cloud nine food wise but my team was rockin’ it.  Jack got up to go to the bathroom and the Rams scored a touchdown which he found out when he got back and saw me scowling.  Grrr!  By the time we got to T-minus five minutes in the last quarter we ordered the chocolate peanut butter mousse dessert.


Wow.  The top was a chocolate mousse and the bottom layer was like a fudge with some peanut butter wafers in the mix.  The whipped cream was drizzled with chocolate fudge sauce and a coconut peanut butter sauce as well.  The whole plate got demolished as my Redskins sealed the deal with a 17-10 win over the Rams.  Heck to the yes, we are 3-1!

Super happy and satisfied we left the grille and Jack dropped me off before heading home.  I worked a bit and then went to the fitness center for a 35 minute bike ride followed by a 35 minute inclined walk on the treadmill.  I burned over 500 calories while I studied and did my entire role play in my head.  At one point I was alone so I started talking out loud and I was right in the middle of discussing pregnancy termination when someone walked in.  Whoops.  That was probably massively awkward…

At this point it was past 7:30 so I headed home, showered, and talk with my mommy.  I had to catch her up on my race!  Now at this point I should go through my notes again and head to bed though seeing as I have to be up early to walk in to the student room before Communications class.  I need to print off some things and organize the visual aids I am going to turn in before my role play.  Basically I just need extra time in the morning so to bed I head.  Sleep well friends and welcome to October.

P.S. I think I have found my next race while on vacation during Thanksgiving break!


Question: Who do you cheer for in the NFL?


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