Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New Friends

Hump Day is here!  You know what that means—>

The week is half over and this is a What I Ate Wednesday post!

When I woke up thankfully it wasn’t raining so I celebrated with two slices of toast.


One was covered with a smashed poached egg and the other had a layer of ricotta cheese and two kinds of jam: fruits of the forest and mango/papaya.  It was ironically exactly what I wanted.  I really do love craving healthy food because it makes staying on track so much easier.  In fact, Tessa just wrote a great post about this very thing.

Because it wasn’t raining (yay!) I walked my behind to school.  It was nice enough out to just get away with my sweatshirt to keep me warm.  I really love days like that.  When I arrived we first years headed to Communications class where two prenatal counselors discussed some interesting counseling cases.  The take home point: all prenatal counseling is not AMA and abnormal quad screen results.  There is variety!

After class (which actually took the full two hours today) I did some studying and snacking on lunch.  I had an apple first and then, twenty minutes later, a lemon Chobani with oats and chia mixed in.


Seminar, a very boring one at that, was at noon and the girls and I studied through the whole thing.  I may or may not have slept for a few minutes too.  Whoops.  The post-seminar hour before Human Genetics class was spent studying…again.  Blah, by this time I was actually looking forward to class just as a break.  Class didn’t suck too badly this time around though I think that might have been because I was a bit more awake (due to my sleep earlier in the afternoon).  Who knows.  By break time in class I was getting rumbly in the tummy so I busted out my sandwich.  I made protein fluff using peanut butter, yogurt, and vanilla protein powder.  I then smeared this between two slices of whole grain bread.


I was afraid that the fluff would have soaked into the bread and made it soggy but it actually didn’t and was extremely creamy in texture.  Yum!  I honestly want to try it with chocolate protein powder.  It may not be sandwich worthy but definitely something to eat by the spoonful.  Hehe.  =P

The weather must have been on my side today because after class ended at 3:30 it again wasn’t raining so I walked home and called mom on the way.  I love catching up with her.  I know we talk everyday so it’s probably not totally “catching up” in the way that most people use that phrase but I truly love to know what’s going on in her everyday and dad’s everyday.  It makes me feel closer to them.  Today’s walk delivered a beautiful surprise on the way too: a monarch butterfly on top of a yellow-orange flower.  How perfect.


When I got home I studied before heading out to an appointment and then my apartment complex’s Resident Appreciation Happy Hour.  They held an event for the whole complex at a restaurant right down the road called The Elbow Room.  If you remember, I have been here before and wasn’t super impressed so I was mildly wary but hey, who am I to pass up free food and drink and socialization?? I need friends after all!


While mixing and mingling I snacked on a few pieces of BBQ brats, soft pretzel bites, chicken fingers, half a potato skin, and some hard pretzels.  I also tried some spiked apple cider.












Samuel Adams was doing tastings as well so I tried their Octoberfest and their Cherry Wheat.  I liked the second one better though neither enough to buy any bottles.  Oh well, my beer journey continues.  Maybe one day I will find one that I love to drink.

The most awesome part of the night??  I basically had a “girl date” with the girl I met a bit ago, Mary.  She and I hung out, ate, and got to know each other a bit.  She is a law student and a foodie!  What more could I ask for?  I told her about the deep fried burger I tried with Jack and she WANTED TO TRY IT TOO!  I was blown away and super excited.  We are going to go together some day and try it out.  I can’t wait to spend more time with her as a friend.  It feels good to know that I am making friends now and that I might have social interactions soon.  Woot!

The whole party came to a close but not after I scored a few mini cupcakes to try.  The red velvet was my favorite though the other (an almond cream maybe?) had great frosting.


Once home I studied and studied and finally rewarded myself with some ice cream.


I need to keep my spirits up just a little longer.  I can’t wait until this prenatal midterm is over at 11a tomorrow.  Best thing about tomorrow is the fact that we are done with the whole day after the test so I can choose to do nothing (which probably won’t happen) or work on my role play assignment (at least on my own time table, not rushed by a deadline).  Regardless of if I do work, which being honest of course I will…I’m just too much of an academic for my own good, I will be alright with it because the pressure of this exam will be off.  Yay!  Weekend here I come.

Last thing to mention is that I am officially participating in The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap of 2011!!!  Essentially every blogger gets the names of three other bloggers and to each we send a dozen of our chosen cookie recipe.  We, in return, get three dozen cookies (one dozen of three kinds) from three other bloggers.  It sounds like so much fun and a great way to interact with other bloggers and get some sweet treats on the side.  I’m pumped for it.

The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap 2011

Question: What kind of cookie(s) would you want to receive?


  1. Good luck with your test tomorrow! :D I absolutely love red velvet cupcakes! yumm.. and your ice cream looks amazingly good! so chocolate-y!

  2. ricotta on toast with jam sounds yummy. i have leftover ricotta i don't know what to do with and have been looking around for ideas. this may be a great saturday morning breakfast! you have any other ricotta ideas?


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