Monday, October 3, 2011

From Disastrous Day to Delectable Dinner

What a day…


I wanted to just fast forward through the whole thing after about 9:30a but obviously that wasn’t possible.

The day started with a nice chocolate sunbutter green monster on the way to class.


I got to the student room early to print off some visual aids and my role play outline.  When we arrived at the classroom we found out our order and guess who had the pleasure of going first? You guessed it, yours truly…

It was a disaster.

The prenatal session started off okay but then picked up speed unintentionally.  I ended up forgetting things, important things, and then completely spaced on taking a family history.  I had to be prompted to do so.  When I was doing the pedigree the family turned out to be much larger than I anticipated and I got caught up on a mother with early diagnosed breast cancer.  I didn’t ask the right questions.  I forgot to mention things.  I just had a heck of a time is what it comes down to. Then of course I couldn’t just go bury myself.  I had to sit in front of everyone and take critique from my fake patient, my classmates, the prenatal counselor in attendance, and my professor.  It was all I could do to keep from crying.  Blah.

The bad day didn’t end there, oh no.  I had to study my butt off because two hours after morning class was the metabolism exam.  In the midst of studying I ate my lunch.


Garlic hummus and gouda sandwich (cut on the diagonal always).  Celery/carrots with peanut butter to dip.  Applesauce with cinnamon sugar.

In the end, despite having studied for days, I think I got a low B or a C on the exam which is unheard of for me.  It also didn’t help that the whole test was 20 questions which means that every one is worth 5% of your grade.  Our professor says he really strives to give everyone A’s because it’s only a one hour class but honestly, I think I made it pretty hard for him…

After being slapped in the face twice in one day with awful things, I had to sit through a whole lecture in Human Genetics class.  Ugh.  We talked about multifactorial traits which is an interesting topic but I just wasn’t up for it at this point.  The only saving grace was that we got our tests back from last week: I got a 94%.  I’ll take it.

When we were released I bolted home while on the phone with Jack while snacking on a Mojo bar.


When I arrived home I went to work to earn some money which always inevitably feels better.  Jack sent me some cryptic texts wondering about what I had planned for dinner and such so as things played out I ended up going to the gym early.  I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and then 35 minutes of inclined speed walking on the treadmill.  By the time I was done, I was incredibly sweaty and ready for a shower.  Thankfully I was also feeling much better at this point and I was looking forward to Jack’s surprise.  I got dressed and ready and soon the boy showed up at my door with pizza, wine, and flowers in hand.  How sweet is he?


He custom ordered pizza from a place we had been eyeing for a while (Taste of the Big City anyone?).  On the pie: pesto sauce base, spinach, mushrooms, green and red pepper, pepperoni, mozzarella, and feta.



We enjoyed it on the floor while watching movies and trashy TV.  Great way to unwind and regroup huh?  I sure thought so.

I relished my wine all evening/night long in my new wine glass.  =D


Later in the evening we had dessert in the form of bowls of three varieties of ice cream topped with chocolate sauce and caramel.


Marshmallows may also have been consumed while we finished House on TV.

All in all, a pretty crappy day to start with, a lovely day to end with.  I can only hope tomorrow isn’t as trying.  I’m not sure I can take it at this point.  *sigh*

Question: How do you cheer yourself up on your terrible days?


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