Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Powerpoints vs Parsnips

Tuesdays are typically short.

Today’s Tuesday was long.

It all started with breakfast in the form of chai latte protein oatmeal/oat bran with chia seeds.


I topped it with chocolate PB2 and Biscoff spread.  It was hot, filling, and just what I wanted.  Afterwards I started walking toward campus.  Thankfully the dead fish smell was gone this time (yay!) and I arrived just in time to go to Communications class.  There we spoke about challenges patient populations: families, adolescents, and women with intellectual disabilities.  It was an interesting conversation and full of strategies that  we can use to make our sessions go a bit more smoothly overall. 

Typically when class finishes on a Tuesday I hike my behind home and spend the rest of the day in my apartment.  However, this time our Dysmorphology class was rescheduled for three o’clock this afternoon.  So instead of going home I set up in the student room and started to study for our prenatal exam on Thursday.  After spending two hours writing down extensive ultrasound findings and infertility statistics, I took a short break to meet Christina for lunch.  We set up in the nearest hospital cafeteria (halfway between where I have class and she has work) and had a lovely time catching up on the past few weeks.


I chomped on celery and carrots sticks as well as curried and cinnamon sugared pumpkin seeds.  I had peanut butter and bbq sauce for dippage.  Yummy!

The post-lunch afternoon was spent doing more studying, this time of perinatal loss and termination of pregnancy techniques.  Not happy topics but necessary evils come Thursday.  Once 3p rolled around we had class about skin derivatives and disorders.  Thankfully we finished early (by 5 minutes) and I started my walk home.  It was a gorgeous day and I had an apple on the way.  Almost felt like spring again!

Upon my arrival at the apartment I promptly grabbed my wallet and headed right back out to shop for a few things.  I managed to get really great deals and felt good about the final price.  I’m actually well under budget for groceries this month which always makes me feel accomplished.  When I finished my shopping I put all my loot away and changed for a workout.  I grabbed my prenatal PowerPoints and did 18 minutes on the elliptical and the reclined stationary bike.  By the time I completed my last cool down I was tired but I had made it through another two lectures so I was happy regardless.

Back at home, I preheated the over and proceeded to roast some parsnips, carrots, onions, and roma tomatoes while showering.


They turned out beautifully coked and I placed half of them on sautéed spinach and cannellini beans.  I topped the whole thing in ketchup and parmesan cheese.


I know it may sound like a totally weird combination but it was darn good.  I loved every bite which was good because it got me ready for another study session afterwards.  To keep myself going I snacked on a Reese’s melted-not-so-Pumpkin.


Finally at 10 with studying behind me I rewarded myself with some Birthday Cake ice cream on top of a hot peanut butter chip dark chocolate cookie with caramel and chocolate sauce and Reese’s Pieces on top.



With that I leave you lovelies with my Tune Tuesday selection:

Questions: How many days ahead of an exam do you start studying? Do you ever feel like you have studied and studied but retained nothing?


  1. I love that you put Biscoff spread on top of your oats... oh my goodness is that stuff tasty! And seriously, that is a rather perfect dessert for a time after studying! What brand of bday cake ice cream is that?
    And I start studying about two days before depending on the exam

  2. @Tessa @ Amazing Asset This time I had Blue Bell Birthday Cake ice cream because I got it on SUPER DUPER sale. I honestly have an ice cream problem. Haha. Not a day goes by where I don't have like three or four flavors in the freezer. *sheepish grin*

  3. I have an ice cream problem too...no worries at all! If I had a freezer at school, it would be stocked with the good stuff :)


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