Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Gerber Daisies Make Me Smile

I realized I forgot to share the flowers from Jack’s mother yesterday.


How awesomely bright orange are they?  I love them and they are brightening my desk as we speak.  You should have seen them in the afternoon sun.  =D

Breakfast on this lovely second day of the week began with a vanilla protein breakfast cake topped on half with the last of my homemade cinnamon peanut butter and the other half Biscoff spread (in all its melty glory).


Also drizzled a bit of maple syrup on top and a few fingerfuls of chia seeds to finish it off.


I cooked it for 75 seconds this time around and it came out perfect.  Perhaps even a bit more moist than when it’s cooked for 90 seconds.  Either way it was a great way to start the morning.

I walked to class in the crisp morning air and arrived in time to check/compare answers to the ethnicity based screening homework we had due at 9am.  In class we did an acute counseling for fetal ultrasound exercise.  Basically each first year got a soft marker typically seen on ultrasound during the late first trimester or early second trimester.  We had to go and research the finding and come back ready to talk about it’s definition, etiology, associated anomalies, underlying chromosomal problems, and additional testing options.  I ended up with choroid plexus cysts (CPCs) as my marker.  I was fairly familiar with it already so I finished quickly. The class was interesting on the overall because it’s dealing with something that I really enjoy and want to do sometime in the future.

After class I took some time to work on the teratogen exposure exercise due in a week.  My drug of study: carbamazepine.  It’s used to treat epilepsy among other things.  I ended up finishing this assignment (score being done a full week early) just before I was supposed to have lunch with my friend Christina.  She had to cancel last minute so I ended up sticking around a bit and having lunch while doing some more homework.


I snacked on a sunbutter/fig & ginger jam sandwich along with bold chex mix and sesame sticks.  I had a gala apple too.  When I was finished I walked home in the unusual heat (it was 70 something at one in the afternoon in October…) and took a few detours on the way.  When I got home I started to read the five articles that I have to get done by Thursday.  After the first one I started feeling really, really sleepy so I gave in rather than fighting it.

I do <3 naps for sure.

When I woke up again after 45 minutes (thanks to an alarm) I got back to work on the articles on the couch.  I was a bit hungry so I cooked up a half a sweet potato and topped it with sunbutter and maple syrup.


It wasn’t the best combo but it was good enough.  Peanut butter is way better for this than sunbutter.  Just FYI.

They were about infertility, recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL), and preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD).  All topics I enjoy.  All topics I am interested in.  I finally finished just before changing into workout clothes.  Awesome timing right?

To get my sweat on today I started in the weight room.  I did this circuit three times over with 10 reps a piece:

  • Weighted squats with two 10lb dumbbells
  • Tricep dips under own body weight
  • Push ups
  • Lat pulls at 40lbs
  • Standing weighted oblique crunches with 10lb dumbbell
  • Crunches on an exercise ball (did twenty of these each time)

This lovely routine was followed by 25 minutes of biking and then a 10 minute hill workout on the treadmill.  I did the first four minutes at 7mph and the last 6 minutes at 8mph.  The incline varied from 0.0 to 6.5 throughout the whole thing.  After a three minute cool down I headed back to my apartment to refuel.


Leftover pizza anyone?


With a side of grease perhaps?

Post-dinner time was spent clearing out the DVR since I have done sooooo much work and been under so much stress this last week.  I needed some time.  Dessert came later in the evening while I was watching a few episodes of Sister Wives.


It may not look pretty but this combo of Rocky Road, Moose Tracks, and Birthday Cake ice cream topped with crushed Nutty Buddy bar, chocolate and caramel was just what I needed for sure.

For Tune Tuesday I picked a song that is kind of like a shameful indulgence to me.  Let’s be honest, Britney Spears is far from a role model to anyone but I was sucker for her music when I was younger and I can’t get the driving beats out of my head now either.  I don’t condone what she does, who she is, her lyrics, etc. but I do just love the music. It’s great to run to and jam out with.  So with all that in mind, get your guilty pleasure on:

Question: Do you have music that you like for the beat rather than the lyrics?


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