Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Doctor Day

Today was the second (and last) day of Fall Break but I didn’t get to sleep in.

I was up at 8:30 to grab everything I needed for the first half of the day and make myself some breakfast.


Multi-grain toast with half peanut butter and half homemade cinnamon almond butter with a side of black cherry Chobani topped with cinni-mini cereal and chia.  It hit the spot and I felt really satisfied on my drive to the hospital.

Why the hospital you ask?  I have kidney issues.  Some people get kidney stones.  I get kidney boulders.  My first stone was 1.4cm (that’s 7 times the size of a normal stone) and my second was 0.9cm.  Both had to be surgically removed they were so monstrous.  Needless to say that me following with a urologist is kind of a necessary evil in my life.  Because I moved recently I had to switch providers so this was my “meet and greet” appointment.  The doctor was lovely and gave me the names to a few risk factor conditions I already knew I had just not what to call.  First order of business, another 24-hour urine collection because honestly, who doesn’t love peeing into a plastic container for a full day?  The doctor and I also settled on a renal ultrasound to see if there are any stones just lying in wait for me.  Hopefully nothing but I’ll know more next week.

After I finished with the urologist I headed down the hall to see a familiar prenatal counselor.  I wanted to run some of my role play by her to get her take on things and our conversation helped.  I thankfully caught her right in-between patients so we had a few moments.  It was really weird to be in that office as a real student not an intern.  I can only imagine what it will be like when I end up there on an actual rotation and I have to see patients!  Oh my word…who knows…

When I arrived back the apartment, after downloading all the pertinent info to mom over the phone on the drive home, I made myself lunch.  Can you guess what I had?  Tuna salad with the new garlic mayo, indeed!!  I told you yesterday that I couldn’t wait to try this flavor mayo like this so that’s what I did.  I chopped up some carrots, celery, and red onion then added the tuna, garlic mayo, sweet hot mustard, onion powder, and pepper.  Divine!


I served it on toasted multi-grain bread with nutritional yeast on top and a side of homemade French onion soup.  Great lunch.  The post-lunch early afternoon consisted of homework and a nap and studying dysmorphology under my snuggly covers.  At 3 I was getting hungry so I decided to extricate myself from my cocoon and get to the fitness center.  I did 18 minutes on both the elliptical and bike and then went home for a snack to soothe my tummy and refuel.


Apple three ways: with either a peanut butter smear, a glob of Nutella, or a layer of homemade sunbutter.  The Nutella was the best (you just can’t beat chocolate with me you know) followed closely by the peanut butter.  The sunbutter was alright but perhaps not with apples today…

I worked some more after taking a shower.  Funny story: the maintenance guy came to fix my heater while I was bathing.  He immediately turned around and walked out yelling about how he’d be back in a half hour.  By the time he did come back I was all dressed and knee deep in structural notes about the perioral region.

I got hungry around 6 and I was craving some carbs (call it reverse carb loading to make up for my 3.8 mile run last night, hehe) so I put on a pot of water and boiled up some bowtie noodles while sautéing a bunch of spinach and fire roasted red pepper and caramelized onion chicken sausage in some sun-dried tomato oil.  I then combined the two pots and added some pasta sauce and parmesan cheese.


I can’t tell you how pleased I was with this meal.  There are some days when you hit what your body wants like a nail on the head and boy, you can tell.  My stomach and mind were happy, happy, happy after this bowl was devoured while watching some Chopped on TV.

Sadly, I went back to work after my dinner break and got a lot done but was worn out by the time 10p rolled around.  However, it was nothing a Reese’s s’more couldn’t help.


I’m off to bed I should think here soon.  I have to actually go to school tomorrow and it’s looking like constant rain all day.

Weather 10_19

I’m going to see if I can catch the 8:30a shuttle to campus to avoid getting super soaked.  Unfortunately this means I need to get up early and I need to pack food tonight.  I should go do that…

Don’t worry though, I didn’t forget Tune Tuesday.  This song is one that I heard for the first time last week and I fell in love.  Hope you like it just as much.

Question: What is your favorite apple topping when snacking?


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