Monday, October 17, 2011

Tow Trucks and Treadmills

Good morning group.  It’s the beginning of a new week.

Mine didn’t go all that great.  I hope yours was better.

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?  I woke up when I wanted because classes for the next two days are non-existent thanks to Fall Break.  I made myself some vanilla protein butterscotch chip pancakes and topped them with maple syrup, chia seeds, and homemade cinnamon almond butter.


The nut butter is anything but creamy so it kind of just ended up as lumps on my pancakes which meant that I got certain bites that were bursting and others that had nothing.  I will say that the spread has a GREAT flavor so maybe I’ll add more next time.  Yummy!

When I finished breakfast and the dishes I decided to go onto campus for a quick minute to do some work and use the printer.  I drove over and parked in a parking lot around the corner from my building.  I did some prep and the printer was sadly still out of commission so I worked around that.  Around 12:30 I was getting hungry and I tried to fend it off until one but I broke down at 12:45 and busted out my packed sandwich.


This was a mozzarella, smoked turkey, garlic mayo sandwich on multi-grain bread.  This was my first time tasting this mayo flavor and I was blown away.  So good.  I cannot wait to eat it in tuna salad form.  Tomorrow’s lunch idea perhaps??


I also had a small apple for some fruit points on the day.

Here’s where the “fun” nightmare started.  I left the student room and walked to the parking lot to find that my car was gone.  That’s right, I was towed.  Not able to do much about it I walked over to the guy that was currently towing another car and asked if he had towed a Civic and sure enough he nodded.  He offered me the address of the impound lot and I commented, truthfully, out loud that I had absolutely no way to get there.  He said to me “I’ll take you there if you don’t mind getting dropped off a few blocks and walking.  I’m not allowed to take you there technically but I did take your car, it’s the least I could do.”


I was so blown away that I agreed right away.  After all I’m no stranger to walking and honestly I had no other immediate options.  We left the parking lot and drove the 20 minutes to the town where the impound lot was.  I was dropped off about two blocks away.


I was less than pleased at the whole situation but I got my huff on and ended up at the tow company building only to find that because my mom is on the registration I could not drive the car off the lot without her written permission.  I tried to call her and she was at work so I waited for an hour and finally she picked up, faxed the letter, I paid $150, and left.  Ugh.  My wallet hates me, for sure.

On the way out I chomped on a snack I had packed earlier in the day.  Cashews and brazil nuts.  Yum.


I got myself home and was fairly distressed on the whole.  To make myself feel better after my crazy ordeal I decided to roast some pumpkin seeds that I had let dry while I was away. First off, for your information, pumpkin seeds stick to paper towel.


Note to self: don’t do that again. I spent a few moments painstakingly picking them all off and then set to work on two preparations. The first was a sweet spice with sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice while the second was curry and salt.








While they were roasting in the oven, I honestly considered for half a second taking a picture of the air. But then I realized that no matter how hard you or I try, you can’t smell the wonderfulness through the internet. I feel sorry for you. Maybe you should go and roast some pumpkin seeds for yourself so too can enjoy this great scent. That or buying a candle…

The verdict on the finished products? Those curried ones are going to be trouble! The are amazing. The sweet version is good thought not as crunchy as the curried seeds. Maybe the egg white got too frothy when I was mixing in the spices. Oh well, both are great snack-y foods.

I then worked for two hours on dysmorphology studying.  When I was starting to get a bit hungry, I changed into workout clothes and headed to the fitness center.  There I busted out a crazy 30-minute treadmill workout.

Treadmill Workout

I was exhausted when I finished but damn proud of the final distance and time.


I headed back to my apartment to get in a shower and start dinner before mom called.  I settled on some leftover casserole on top of a baked potato.  I added some nutritional yeast on top.  <—GREAT idea.  Also had a side of both kinds of pumpkin seeds.


A glass of wine was much needed after today as well… 

I continued to work after dinner though I took a break to talk to mom.  We discussed the wedding weekend ahead (yay, I can’t wait for cake!!!) and about what happened with my poor car today.  Finally at 10p I called it a night in terms of work.  I was through.  To rejuvenate I had a small bowl of Rocky Road with Oreo crumbles, chocolate and a caramel sauces, then a few Reese’s Pieces thrown in for good measure.


Just what I needed.  This plus some DVRed The Sing Off will send me off nicely into sleep land.  Day two of Fall Break is all lined up for tomorrow: doctor’s appointment, more homework/studying, plus food and a workout in there somewhere.  Have a good one!

Questions: Ever been towed? How much did you pay to ransom your poor car?

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  1. You included two of my most favorite things in one post - nutritional yeast and cardio intervals. You. Rock. :)


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