Monday, October 24, 2011

Dead Fish Walking

Well today was a sluggish day, for sure.

I woke up and decided to walk today which felt weird from the get-go because I really didn’t walk last week because of the crazy rainy weather.  To try and normalize the morning I made myself a vanilla protein breakfast cake and topped it with coconut cajeta, maple, and chia seeds.


It was a nice meal to get me going and I started my walk in the brisk morning air a bit late but I made it to the student room in plenty of time.  While I was walking it was clearly evident that somewhere there was a dead fish following me.  I couldn’t shake the smell and it really got on my nerves but as I got onto the medical campus it went away, thank Heavens.  Communications class was fun.  We went over our abnormal CGH assignments and discussed patient anger.  Thankfully this emotive expression is less frequent than others like grief or shame.  I only say this because anger is much harder to deal with as a counselor than other emotions.  Anger is volatile and hostile and sometimes scary.  It can be a difficult thing to address in the session without escalating the situation on accident.

During class we got our next role play assignments (geeze, didn’t we just finish one?!?!) and they center around CGH abnormalities.  By the looks of it, I have two abnormalities of clinical significance, which I’ll be honest, makes the whole process easier because it means they have been researched.  It seems like an unbalanced translocation between chromosome 4 and 13 that is associated with small cell lung carcinomas and cleft lip/palate problems.  We shall see what comes out of my research when I actually get the chance to sit down and focus on it.

After class I did a brief once over on the internet for my role play and then I buckled down to start studying for our prenatal counseling midterm.  While working I ate the lunch I had packed.


I munched on a turkey, mozzarella, and garlic mayo sandwich with a side of honey twist pretzels.  Took me about 25 minutes to get through because I was otherwise engaged and by the time I was done I had about another hour to study before Genetics class at 2p.  It was boring, boring, boring.  When we got up to leave I was extremely stiff.  I started to walk home and finally, after 10 minutes passed, I started to loosen up a little but of course this only served to continue this sluggish feeling of a day.  Oh well.  I busted out a peanut butter pretzel MoJo bar to help everything out and it was delish.

Finally back at the apartment I set out to read the three chapters on various patient populations for tomorrow’s class.  When those finished about two hours later I decided a work out break was necessary.  I changed and hit up the treadmill for an easy 15 minute run (1.75 miles from 6.5-7mph), 3 minute cool-down, and 18 minutes on the reclined bike.  My fitness partner for the evening you ask?  My prenatal counseling powerpoints.  No study breaks for this girl…

Well, that’s only have true.  When I got back to the apartment I did actually take a break in the form of a shower, Grey’s Anatomy on the DVR, and a loaded baked potato dinner.


Who knew that curried chicken and broccoli casserole leftovers on various starches with nutritional yeast on top would become a favorite taste of mine??  It has and I love it.  Nice way to refuel and recoop before getting right back to studying afterward.  I worked for another hour and a half and kept myself going with a bowl of sweets: caramel apple/pumpkin candy corn and German chocolate cake marshmallows.


When 10 o’clock rolled around I decided that ice cream sounded perfect.  I warmed up a peanut-scotch banana muffin and added the last of my Kentucky Delight ice cream, a bit of my Birthday Cake flavor ice cream, and some caramel on top.


Yum.  Great reward for all my hard work tonight.  At this point, I think I am going to watch a bit of The Sing-Off and then head to bed early.  I have an unusually long day tomorrow because Dysmorphology got re-scheduled so we’ll see how I feel by the end of it.  Good night all.  =D

Question: How do you reward yourself after doing a lot of homework/getting something done on your to-do list?


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