Saturday, October 1, 2011

Wine at the Line Race Day

Welcome one and all to the best day ever!

Race day started with a nice bowl of vanilla protein oat bran topped with Biscoff spread.  If you have never had this stuff before, please do yourself a favor: got out and get some.  You will 100% NOT regret it.  I couldn’t believe the flavor!


Also, if you didn’t notice, it melts incredibly well and seeps into every bite.  Oh yes, amazing.

Tons of school work followed breakfast.  Metabolism studying, trisomy 18 role play prep, visual aid creation/tweaking…  I was busy.  Finally though, around 1:15p Joshua arrived ready to race.  First things first: lunch.  We were all kind of ADD and wanted different things so Jack ended up with a few carrot pieces and then pasta/sauce/parmesan cheese.  Joshua had a turkey, smoked gouda, sundried tomato, and dijonnaise sandwich with carrots on the side and I had a platter of carrots and celery with peanut butter to dip and a side of apples mixed with plain yogurt all topped with raw oats.


Scrumptious, crunchy, sweet, just what I wanted.  We took our time with lunch and about when we finished we decided to figure out what we were going to wear to race.  If you remember from last time, the race I couldn’t run, Joshua had a shirt made that brought me to tears.  He got one made for me this time.


As you can see I proudly wore it.








We matched!

With us all dressed and ready to go, we hopped in the car and drove to the winery.  The trip was nice and mellow until we rounded the corner and were met with this lovely line of cars waiting to enter the grounds.


Little did we know we were actually on the course and there were some people passing us on the road doing (what I can only assume were) their pre-race scouting missions.  When we finally turned into the lot (a newly mown clover field) we parked and headed to the giant tent to register, receive our timing chips, and grab our long-sleeve shirts.  We suited up and threaded our chips to our shoes and before you knew it, we were all set.


The 5 mile race started first and man were there a ton of people.


Just look at the crowd!  Then it was our turn to line up.  We decided to run an 8 minute mile pace and boy, did we stick to it.  I was so proud.


Finally, about 24 minutes later (we don’t have our official times yet) we came across the finish line. Obviously our orange shirts were easy to spot!


So happy.  I honestly couldn’t wipe the smile off my face for a while.


At the end of the race we got our timing chips cut off, chugged water, and grabbed complimentary food to refuel.  Finally, we ended up under a tree to eat.








Jack and I split my turkey sandwich with mustard and a bag of pretzels.  I will say the sandwich was a bit bland but the pretzels were awesome.  Next came the fun part: the wine!  As part of your entry fee you got a complimentary wine glass filled with one of the winery’s selections.  Since we had two glasses to fill (Joshua’s and my own) we decided to get two kinds of wine and pass the glasses between the three of us.  Out of the numerous choices we picked Rhubarb wine (Mallow Run’s best-seller) and Foch, a semi-sweet, fruity red wine.








With glasses in hand we plopped ourselves down on the hill and sipped our wine while enjoying the live music and atmosphere.


Note: they did not skimp on the wine pour.  I swear each glass of wine they gave us was at least two servings!  It was really great.  The Rhubarb wine was stellar and the Foch was a red that I actually didn’t hate.  What do you know!?!

After enjoying everything for a while, we started to get a bit cold so we headed back to the car and drove home.  There Joshua and I showered to refresh ourselves and I put on my race shirt.


Yes I am the dork who wears it the day I ran it!  Loud and proud baby!  I felt invincible.

After some chatting and relaxing we all agreed it was time to chow down on froyo so off to YoguLatte we went.  We managed to see a pretty freaky limo on the way as we walked.


Why you would rent this is beyond me…  At the froyo place we tried the waffle bowls for our base and dug into the yogurt selections.


In my creation: dulce de leche/apple pie twist on the bottom topped with a million awesome toppings followed by peanut butter and vanilla bean flavors on the top with a whole bunch of other candies and finally finished off with hot fudge and a cherry.  Scrumptious!

What a great end to a race day.  I couldn’t have asked for anything more.  I can’t wait to do another one.  What a feeling!


Questions: Have you ever raced?  How was it?


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