Friday, September 30, 2011

Massages Make My Day

It’s Friday!!!

Get happy!

I woke up super early in order to make sure I could get through city traffic and to my prenatal genetic counseling observation on time.  I took with me a sweet potato pie smoothie for breakfast.


It tastes great and was the perfect thickness.  Definitely was true to it’s name also.  It was like drinking a slice of pie.  In my book that’s fairly awesome.

When I arrived at my observation I got to witness an ultrasound on a woman who had undergone selective reduction of twins as well as a routine first trimester screen with nuchal translucency testing.  The first was harder to watch obviously because the “reduced” fetus was still present in the womb but the second was also pretty neat because I had never seen a nuchal done before in person.  I see pictures all the time but never a cooperative fetus right in front of me.  Neato.

After the ultrasounds I sat in on the counseling session for the couple who had the first trimester screening and we were able to give them reassuring news.  I love those kinds of sessions when you can be so positive.  Also, this couple had been through IVF and they were just happy to be pregnant so I’m very glad we didn’t have to deliver any less-than-stellar news.

After the appointment was over I headed to Whole Foods where I grabbed some oat bran and Turkish dried apricots.  Then I went to the post office, Chase bank, and Staple where I got a FREE ream of paper (after super easy rebate).  I was excited but by the time I was done and finally back to my apartment I was hungry and really needing to study for my metabolism test on Monday.  Also, I had been needing to clean the apartment for a week so I was worked up over that too.

First up: a lunch of baked bean salad with a side of grapes.


This bowl came together really quickly because the other night when I was making a salad I had cut up extra veggies so they were already mixed in a bag waiting to be dumped onto a salad.  Of note: these poor little grapes were really on their last legs.  Glad I ate them when I did.

Next up: cleaning!  I vacuumed the whole apartment and then washed all the surfaces.  I felt worlds better when I finished and because I was so relaxed then I got to work on studying glucose, fatty acids, etc.  I worked for a while and then headed out to get going to my massage appointment.

The massage went wonderfully and I felt so loosey goosey afterwards.  The doctor also adjusted me and said I felt much better than a month ago.  I am making progress!!  Despite the errands I ran earlier in the day, I had more to do.  I snacked on an apple on the way.


I ended up swinging by a natural health food store to pick up some bread flour and chia seeds and then a market to grab a jar of Biscoff spread.  When I walked in to this place I had to take a moment and breathe.  Wow.  Check it out.


They had all sorts of things in bulk including every kind of candy, M&M, etc.  I was knocked backwards a few steps.  Then I found these babies:


Wow, if only they weren’t over $8 a bar.  Maybe one day for a super duper special treat.  =D

When I arrived home I got started on dinner.  I had been eyeing this Eggplant Coconut Curry for a while and finally got my butt down to the market and bought an eggplant.


The recipe is really simple and involves this lovely can of coconut milk which makes it incredibly creamy and dreamy.


Then I got to break out this bottle for the first time: Liquid Smoke!!!


Man, I could just smell this stuff forever.  So great.

The pot finished simmering and Jack had arrived to make 5-minute naan from scratch to go with the curry.  Finally, we sat down to this delish dinner.


This curry was unreal.  It smelled just like an Indian restaurant and tasted wonderful.  We added peanuts to the top as well.


They added just the right flavor and believe me what it lacked in “photogenicity” the curry made up for in flavor.  I was super impressed and because this dish is really easy, fairly mindless to make, and 3-4 full servings I will definitely be making this again.  The naan however will be a recipe I would rather buy than make.

After dinner I needed to study so Jack and I took some time to work and then settled down for a movie.  We broke out dessert part one first: chocolate peanut butter pretzel nuggets.  I’ll admit, I was only going to buy Biscoff at the market but I got sucked in by this bulk bin and bought just four pieces ($0.85).








They were so worth it and it’s probably a very, very, very good thing I only had four in the house.

We watched The Nanny Diaries.  Cute movie.  Sad story about mothers who don’t mother/raise their children at all.  I think this movie might be the root of why I really don’t like the idea of having a nanny. 

Dessert part two came halfway through the movie in the form of Reese’s s’mores for two.


Scrumptious as always.

With that, I’m out.  Good night all.  This girl needs some sleep before her race tomorrow!!!

Question: What are you feelings about having a nanny?


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