Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Singular Decade

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

This isn’t just any Sunday though.  It was the 10th anniversary of September 11th (more on that in a moment) and the very first parish breakfast at my church.  I, being of one being with the kitchen, signed right up to help out.  I snacked on a Turkish apricot with sunbutter before I walked to church at 9:20ish.


I arrived a bit earlier than I was originally needed but that didn’t stop anyone from putting me to work.  First up, apron!


I was then put on the egg station.  I will say I make a mean scrambled egg but I have never cooked on an industrial stove nor have I scrambled 18 eggs, yes EIGHTEEN, at one time.


I suppose in the end it wasn’t terribly different but the heat was a bit tricky. Once the eggs started to set they went like quickfire.  However, they took forever to get to that point initially.  Really it was a lot of watching and waiting.  Finally, we experienced our breakfast rush.  Patrons could choose from the following breakfast options: eggs, sausage, today’s special which was a cheesy hashbrown casserole, yogurt, bagels and cream cheese, and cereal.


The special went over super well and many came back for seconds and thirds.  I personally didn’t have a bite but man, it smelled really good.  About half an hour after we started the line waned and we got a chance to eat.  I figured I should go for something I don’t normally have or make at home so this is what I came up with:


Whole wheat bagel with a light smear of cream cheese topped with some scrambled egg.  I sandwiched it and enjoyed each and every bite.  I’m not sure it would be a breakfast I would want consistently and at roughly 420 calories it is a more caloric meal than I am used to, but like I said, it isn’t something I would ever have at home so it was worth it.  Shortly after I ate I was dismissed to go and do homework. Oh the joys of being a student… =(

I walked home and set to work on reading some chapters for my Communications and Foundations classes.  I made it through one chapter and decided that if I was going to make it to a special 9/11 event downtown today I should really hit up the gym soon.  I changed and walked over and not three seconds after I got inside it started to pour (and continued to do so for the entire duration of my workout).

Since I did a long run yesterday I didn’t want to run again today so I started on the elliptical.  After my 30 minutes of cardio I went to the weight room:

  • Tricep Dips: 3 x 10 reps under own body weight
  • Dumbbell Swing Squats: 3 x 10 reps w/ 10lbs each hand
  • Bicep Curls: 3 x 10 reps w/ 10lbs simultaneously
  • Standing Weighted Oblique Crunch: 3 x 10 reps w/ 10lbs each side
  • Lat Pull: 3 x 10 reps @ 30lbs
  • Row: 3 x 10 reps @ 30 lbs

It felt great to do some weight training.  I feel like I do it mostly on the weekends because I have the most time but I want to make it a little more of a regular thing.  I also need to diversify my lifting list of moves.  Any thoughts?

When I finished and the rain had broken I skipped back the apartment and got my shower on.  I dressed and then ate some lunch to refuel.  On the menu was a yogurt mess with every kind of cereal in my cupboard.  There were wheat puffs, Fiber One Honey Squares, crispy chocolate oats, cinni-mini crunch, and peanut butter and chocolate puffins.  These were all folded into 2/3 cup of yogurt and sprinkled with chia seeds.


I swear this is the only way I eat cereal.  If I have a bowl of cereal with just milk I am hungry really soon after so this way I get the protein of the yogurt and all the bulk of the cereal in order to keep me full.  Problem solved.

Upon finishing my late lunch I checked to see it wasn’t raining again and I headed out to walk the 0.9 miles to the dedication of the 9/11 memorial downtown.  By the time I got there, right before 4p when it was supposed to start, the place was packed.








The whole things started a bit late, 4:15 to be exact, and I was fairly far back and couldn’t see anyone who was speaking but I could hear them and for most of the time that was enough.


There were a lot of speeches about giving thanks, being united, honoring heroes, and the American spirit as well as performances of some original songs and poetry.  The memorial consisted of two I-beams from the World Trade Center and I couldn’t look at them without starting to tear.  It’s amazing how emotional something like this is despite it being ten years later.  Something else weird I noticed was the large population of children in the crowd. They couldn’t have even been born when this tragedy took place.  How do you even broach the subject of the unspeakable horror of that day?  What do you say when for that child this event really is history, like the assassination of JFK is to my generation?  The personal relationship and weight that the event carries is totally different.  This isn’t a bad distinction, just a thought.

At the end of the dedication, around 5:30, they unveiled a bronze eagle that had been perched on the top of one of the I-beams.  It was an awe-filled moment and the cheers were deafening.








What a ceremony.  It was long and I was on my feet the whole time so my heels hurt afterwards but I am very, very glad I went.  There is something incredibly powerful about standing in a crowd of people who all went through the same tragedy.  The feeling is electric and comforting all at the same time.  There isn’t anything quite like it.

When I finally got home, I set to work on dinner because I was mighty hungry.  I had broccoli to use up soon and I wanted comfort food so when I saw this recipe, I was sold.  It makes enough for a 9x13 pan but seeing as there is only one of me and I’m leaving to see Jack on Thursday I decided a half batch would be much more appropriate.  I cut all the measurements in half (all except the onion since I LOVE onion in mac and cheese dishes) and the whole thing came together quite quickly.  I only had pizza medley cheese around so I used that instead of cheddar.


This lovely casserole emerged 20 minutes later and oh my word, can you say delish?  I honestly could have eaten the whole pan but instead I paired my helping with a piece of lentil meatloaf topped with BBQ sauce.


After trying the mac and cheese I wanted to kick it up a notch so I added garlic powder and paprika.


The whole thing was so good.  I’m glad I have three helpings leftover for this week!!

Since I was going to be gone for kickoff and most of the first half of the Redskins game, I DVRed it.  I started it when I was prepping dinner and finished it a bit after I ate (yay for no commercials!!!) and guess what: WE WON!!!!  Yea buddy, you betcha.  We played beautifully.  I couldn’t have asked for a better way to wrap up the day.

Redskins 9_11

I took some time to edit my patient letter due on Tuesday and I checked my case prep assignment for completeness.  When I finished I figured I would relax and bake since after all that is totally therapeutic for me.  Because I had opened a can of pumpkin last week it was in need of being used up so I found a super recipe for flourless chocolate brownies.

First two ingredients to get mixed up were peanut butter and pumpkin.


Now this is totally a combo I can get behind for sure.  Next came eggs, vanilla, and Stevia.


To this whipped batter, I added two kinds of cocoa: regular and dark.


When everything was combined nice and smooth I spread it into an 8x8 and baked it for 18 minutes.  Can you say OMGYESPLEASE?!?


To properly try out the brownies, I took two and topped them with Blue Bell Kentucky Delight ice cream, marshmallows, chocolate sauce, crushed Halloween Oreos, and sprinkles.


Oh, there’s the brownie… It is there after all!


After devouring that lovely bowl of deliciousness I realized that the next time I make these brownies a hefty pinch of salt will be added.  In my experience it intensifies the chocolate flavor.

I’m going to relax for the rest of the night and clean up the DVR.  I should also make sure I go over my pedigree information at least twice before bed.  Class at 9am tomorrow means bed by midnight at the latest.  G’night everyone!


Question: Do you make your own macaroni and cheese or are you a boxed mac and cheese kind of person?


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