Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Right Fit

It is a truth in the medical world that just as a doctor/medical professional examines you, you examine them.  You interview them to see if they are going to give you the best care, if they fit with your philosophy about health, to figure out if they are someone you want receive advice from.  When choosing a chiropractor I feel like this interviewing process means that much more because you see this professional sometimes three times a week, not just once or twice a year.  You have to really like them and feel at ease.  Well ladies and gentleman, I have found my chiropractor!

As you might remember I had a disastrous experience with a chiropractor last Friday so I set out to find an alternative.  Mom discovered another practice on the opposite side of the city and after checking out their website I decided they seemed a lot more up my alley so I made an appointment for today at 3p.  When I arrived I was greeted with this lovely waiting area:


Oh yea, this is a place I can be comfortable.  How could you not be when surrounded by sunshine yellow and lilac walls??  Needless-to-say I felt great and really enjoyed meeting the chiropractor.  She introduced herself, shook my hand, explained her concerns, did an exam and an adjustment and even called at 7p tonight just to check up on me.  Very, very nice.  Kudos to her.

I see her again on Friday for a 30 minute massage (she works in practice with two licensed massage therapists) and then an adjustment afterwards.  I am really looking forward to it.  To harp on one final thing, the chiropractor that made me uncomfortable charged me $500 for my initial visit whereas this woman only charged me $160.  What does that tell you?

To get down to the business about the rest of the day, I woke up early to go to breakfast with Jessica and April.  We hit up a nice place called Le Peep.


We chose this restaurant because the softball team from our school was having a charity day where x% of the proceeds would go to them as fundraising monies.  We felt it was our duty to support them.  Also, let’s be honest, we’re huge breakfast fans.  I ordered the biscuits and gravy since it is rarely something I ever have at home.  I had a side of fruit instead of the potatoes.


Now you see it…


Now you don’t…

This dish was great.  The gravy was just chunky enough to let you know there was sausage, the cheese was perfectly gooey, and the biscuit were all sorts of heavenly fluffy.  The fruit left a lot to be desired but when you get three grapes, three pieces scraps of honeydew, and four slices morsels of cantaloupe you can’t really say much else.

We headed to the student room after we finished and then hit up Foundations class to learn about pregnancy and all the terms used during those nine months and in prenatal counseling.  This is my comfort zone.  This is where I want to be in three, seven, eleven years.  In light of this I really enjoyed today’s lecture though I couldn’t help but feel semi sick to my stomach over the pedigree exam that was to come at 11a (right after Foundations ended).

Class ran 20 minutes over so I didn’t start my exam until 11:25 but I managed to remain calm, draw a fairly decent pedigree for how gigantic her family actually turned out to be, and give an okay risk assessment within the hour time frame.  I feel like the risk portion could have gone way better but I gave it my best and hey, it’s over finally!

I walked home afterwards and finally got a chance to eat.  By this point it was 12:45 and I was hungry!  I fed my tummy with an open faced garlic hummus, Old Bay, and turkey sandwich paired with grapes.  I also had a bite of a brownie to finish the meal.


I had a bit of time before I had to leave for my chiropractic appointment so I did homework in the form of reading an article about client guilt and shame.  This sucker was large and I only got about halfway through before I had to head out.  My appointment lasted for an hour and on my way back into town I stopped by Marsh to take advantage of a huge sale they had going on for another two days.

When I arrived home and put away some things I geared up, snacked on a frozen banana bite and a peppermint candy taken from the bowl at the chiropractic office, and walked to the fitness center.


18 minutes on the elliptical, 18 minutes on the bike, and 10 minutes on the treadmill (just walking because this wasn’t originally planned but Paula Deen’s episode wasn’t finished and I didn’t want to bail before she made dessert) was the extent of my workout.  It took me 46 minutes and I burn 387 calories.  It felt great.

I came back and got busy in the kitchen making a lettuce-less salad with carrots, celery, green pepper, mushrooms, red onion, tomato, chickpeas, and pizza blend cheese.  I topped it with champagne dressing which turned out to be a so-so choice tonight for dinner the more I ate of it.  Oh well, you win some, you lose some.


I paired the gigantic bowl of veggies with a serving of Chex Mix Bold and some plantain crunchers.  I honestly forgot how much I LOVE Chex Mix.  Great snag at Marsh.


Also, I finished off a mostly empty jar of pickle slices.  Yum.


Dinner was followed by more homework and more article reading.  I rewarded myself with a peanut butter s’more after finishing a long chapter and the assigned exercise that went along with it.


Sadly this type of chocolate and peanut butter combo doesn’t work as well with just a smear of peanut butter on the graham cracker as it does when you sandwich the s’more with a Reese’s cup.  Oh well, it was still delish.

Renewed, I finished up another article and then had dessert part two:


Caramel apple candy corn, mello crème pumpkins, an Oreo and a dark chocolate chip cookie.  Yes indeed I am scatterbrained when it comes to dessert.  I enjoy all sorts of flavors, all sorts of sweets.  Hey, it works for me and that’s all that matters.

Funny thing: this poor guy lost his twin…


I am off to prep food for tomorrow’s day at school as well as finish my DVRed America’s Got Talent from earlier this evening.  I’m not sure who I want to win…

Before I get to the question portion of this post though it’s Tune Tuesday!!!

Question: Are you a candy corn purist or would you try out Indian Corn (chocolate candy corn) or my Caramel Apple Candy Corn??


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