Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sweat Like You Mean It

I ran 3.47 miles today! I kept up an average pace of 8:38 seconds per mile.  That’s about 7mph peeps.  (Mmmm, speaking of Peeps…marshmallows sound yummy…)  I felt both awesome and like I was going to puke when I finished the run portion and started my cool down.  Not sure why the upset stomach but it resolved itself 2-3 minutes into my walk.  The final results:


Yes, I ran with a friend of mine today: good old Diagnostic Dysmorphology.  He was more there to cover up the time on the treadmill display so I wouldn’t fixate on it but he and I got to know each other better when I sat down a for 35 minute ride on the reclined stationary bike.  On the whole I burned over 600 calories this morning and as you can imagine I was dripping in sweat.


The front desk staff at the welcome center made a little joking comment as I walked by about how I must have worked out “just a little bit” this morning.  I was looking scrappy for sure.  Oh well, it was a great way to start off the day!

I came home and refueled with a late brunch accompanied by a reading on maternal/fetal complications and complaints during pregnancy.  I ate at 1p so it might as well be called lunch but when you make French toast the “b” needs to make an appearance in the name of the meal.  Let’s be honest here.


I cooked my French toast (made with an egg white, almond milk, and vanilla batter) in a drop or two of coconut oil because I find it gives it a lightly sweet undertone.  I topped my slice with Nutella and bananas.  YUM.  I love how drippy and glossy the Nutella becomes when it hits something that is hot-off-the-griddle.  =D

After brunch a shower was in order and I relished the chance to bask under the hot water.  Also, the bathroom happens to be the nicest, warmest room in the apartment because it has the only working heater at this point.  The apartment complex works on all heat or all AC and has to be changed at the building level.  Since the temperatures have fallen in the last week but it’s still only the beginning of September they haven’t switched over yet.  Blah.

The majority of the afternoon was spent doing homework, like usual.  I read some chapters for Communications class as well as Foundations and edited my patient letter due on Tuesday.  I started getting hungry around 4p and made a new favorite: the peanut butter toast with tomato and pepper.


Don’t knock it till you try it!  I discovered this a bit ago and have been waiting for the perfect moment to munch on it again.  If you love either of these ingredients on their own, just marry them and get it over with.  You won’t regret it.

I tried to keep reading but I just couldn’t keep my eyes open.  I conceded defeat and got into bed for a half hour nap.  When I woke up I continued my work for a bit and then lost interest/motivation.  Instead of fighting it, I let myself go for a bit by watching some Top Chef: Just Desserts and eating dinner.  I do love when you release leftovers and they stay in their shape…



Haha.  I mashed up this packed mac and cheese and heated it.  It had lost some of its spiced up flavor while sitting in the fridge so I doused it again and it tasted like new.


Very good on the whole and less than a minute of my time from fridge to fork.  Always a good thing when you’re totally lacking any and all will to do much of anything.

After I finished the meal I worked on my pedigree exam coming up on Tuesday.  We have to take our professor’s pedigree and ask all sorts of questions and get a ton of information.  We also have to provide risk assessment on the fly.  I am really nervous about remembering to ask everything, getting everything put in the right spot, being neat enough, and having enough time.  I made a “cheat sheet” from the lecture so I have everything in one place.  I figure over the next two days I’ll just keep looking it over and it’ll get ingrained in my head.  Here’s hoping!

After working for an hour and a half I called it a night.  Dessert, to me, was the best way to celebrate.  Isn’t it always?  I grabbed some random things to eat.


These seemingly unrelated items (Halloween Oreo, marshmallow, and peanut butter) turned into a lovely three bite, sweet tooth satisfying treat.  I first slathered the peanut butter on the marshmallows and scarfed those down.


By the way, Market Pantry marshmallows are definitely the best off brand marshmallows ever.  They taste, in my humble marshmallow filled opinion, just like Jet-Puffed which are markedly more expensive.  Yay for a fabulous find!

Next, the piece de resistance: the peanut butter filled Oreo.  If you have ever seen The Parent Trap, there is a great scene about this awesome combo.  In the movie they just dip but I prefer to spread and squish.


This was extra special because the Oreo was orange.  Love it!

Something random I wanted to share with you: No one cares how much you know until the know how much you care.  This came up in my Dysmorph book when it was talking about obtaining a dysmorphic history from the patient/parents/family, etc.  Basically rapport is essential.  No one is going to go divulging information (of any kind!) to you if they don’t first feel like you actually care about them.  Why would they?  If you don’t have any stock in them, if you aren’t showing/expressing interest, you aren’t worthy of the precious details.  Just something to think about.

Questions: Have you ever tried Oreos and peanut butter?  If so, did you like it?  If not, do you want to?


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