Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What a Day!!

First off it was a gorgeous one.  77 degrees, sunny, a tiny bit of wind.  Wonderful.

Second off I did my role play and I did a million times better than my first role play.  I felt way more comfortable and confident in my delivery.  I only hope it continues to get better from here.  Based on the way it felt this morning, I would say its likely.

Third, there was all sorts of great food around today.  In fact this is one whopper of a What I Ate Wednesday post!

Fourth, I spent three hours with my best friend.  A much needed meeting for sure.

So, to get down to business, the day started with a 1.75 mile run followed by 18 minutes on the elliptical.  Back at the apartment I inhaled a protein bite before hitting the shower.  I got ready super fast, heated up my chocolate oat bran I made last night and started walking to class.


This was super duper chocolate-y and made me really happy.  I think that good mood flowed right into my role play, which I killed.

After class I worked for an hour, went to seminar, almost fell asleep in the auditorium, came back and started doing more work.  By this time though, about one o’clock, I was in need of sustenance.


This ugly looking concoction focused on pears and peanut butter.  I used a base of nonfat plain yogurt, peanut butter, and oats and then added in a whole pear.  It was huge and filling.  Loved the way it tasted, not perhaps the way it looked.

I continued to work and then the first years went to genetics class only to be almost bored to tears by a lecture that isn’t even on the test next week.  Ugh.  I hate that.

I walked home after class and actually sweated a bit it was that warm out.  I collapsed into bed at 4p when I arrived and slept until 4:40p, got out of bed and went straight to my car to drive to my chiropractic appointment.  I snacked on raw hazelnuts and honey roasted peanuts on the way.


My appointment was nice and quick and I rounded it out with an awesome peppermint.  These are my treat every time I’m at the office.


Next on the list for the day, I drove up to meet my best friend for a buffet dinner at Ponderosa.

First course: salad with bacon bits (which I never ever add but something compelled me to today and they were super yummy)


Second course: entrees of sirloin steak, shrimp (2 ways), and salmon


We had a coupon for a BOGO entrée so we got two kinds and then adjusted our plates to go halfsies.

Third course: mac and cheese, beef noodles, stuffing (oh man, love it), sweet potatoes, wedge fries, and nachos with half a roll on the side


Fourth course: a bit of seafood salad and apple-cranberry salad with some pineapple


Fifth course: dessert part one consisting of a shared plate of chocolate cake with whipped cream, carrot cake, cherry fluff with graham crust, peanut butter pie, hot fudge cake, peanut butter fudge and chocolate brownie


Sixth course: cookies (5 kinds) and ice cream with assorted toppings


Joshua’s masterpiece


My love (mostly/almost completely inspired by Joshua’s bowl)

We asked for water with lemon, no ice and we easily had four lemon slices per glass.  Do you think we had enough?


We had a great time and now I need to tackle resorting all of my school stuff into subject specific binders (provided by the bestie) because I have already outgrown the inch binders I currently use.


With that being said, and food needing to be made, I should go.  Lots to be done because I can crash into my lovely comfy bed.  Hope you had a great day!

Questions: Have you ever had to do a role play for a class or job?  How’d it go?

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