Saturday, September 3, 2011

Dance Like No One Is Watching

Today was a dancing day!!

I woke up at 7:45 and Jack followed at 8.  While he made us breakfast, I put together lunches and snacks for the day ahead.


He pan fried some bacon and eggs and I reheated the remaining whole wheat pancakes.  I used some sunbutter, maple syrup, and chia seeds on mine.  Just a bit of pepper on the egg.  The yolk was nice and syrup and great with the pancake to sop it up.  Best bite: pancake drenched in yolk with a piece of bacon on top.  Yum.

We hiked the 1.2 miles down to the convention center where the classes for the swing dancing workshop were being held.  We got there early to audition for the Intermediate/Advanced track of instruction.  Basically the test consisted of social dancing to a few songs and if the instructors liked you, you were given a band designating which level you were allowed into.  I made it into the Int/Adv track and got an ORANGE band.


Needless to say I am happy to be sporting my favorite color around all weekend.  The first class was on the basic swingout 8 count.  The instructors completely changed how I do things and it really required an inordinate amount of work and thought on my part not to revert to the normal swingout I was used to.  The second class worked on rhythm and different ways to stylize your dance by emphasizing various beats.  I didn’t like the first half, where we were manipulating the triple step, but the latter half of the class, which revolved around calling attention to beat 7 and then later beats 2, 4, 6, and 8 was much more fun.

By the time lunch break came I was starved!  It was already one o’clock and I hadn’t eaten since 8am.  As a result I only thought to snap a picture as I was almost finished inhaling my nourishment.


I had a garlic hummus and turkey sandwich with Old Bay seasoning sprinkled on the inside along with a side of plantain crunchers, multigrain crackers, pretzels, and peanut butter filled pretzels.  It was nice and filling and gave me fuel to power through the second part of the day.

The first class after lunch, third in all, was more of a demonstration class where two instructors who had put together a solo jazz routine taught it to all those interested.  I tried it out, made it through the whole class, just to realize that a lot of the solo moves were really hard on my back which is still messed up from the accident.  Oh well.

The fourth class in all included some really interesting Charleston moves.  It was hands-down my favorite 60 minutes of the dancing day.  I loved the whole thing.  The final class in the Int/Adv track was a class on competitive dancing, whether that be individual, social, partner, choreographed or otherwise.  I considered bowing out of the class because I really am not interested in competing as I feel it puts too much pressure on something that I like to enjoy just for the heck of it.  However, I stayed put and listened to the Q&A and finally at the end we got the chance to try some partner and group choreography for fun.  That part was the nicest.

After classes were over for the day Jack and I headed home so that we could run a super important errand.  In case you didn’t know, and how could you because I haven’t told you, I GOT A NEW CAR!!!!!!  A trusted neighbor drove it down to my old college town, just 75ish minutes from where I live now, so that I could pick it up.  I was incredibly excited and I ran across the parking lot when I first spotted it.

New Car

This baby is sleek and sexy.  I love the car.  It’s a 2006 Honda Civic EX Coupe in Galaxy Gray Metallic.  I have the best parents in the world for sure.

With car in hand we met up with my best friend for Chinese.  There were so many great tastes but some of the highlights: sesame balls (they didn’t have these last time and I was so sad), thai chicken, seafood salad, and lemon box cake.  Nomnom.


Don’t you worry: we shared that massive dessert plate.  We’re samplers.

When we finished Jack drove straight home to my downtown apartment and I stopped by Joshua’s in order to pick up some homemade sun-dried tomatoes (can’t wait to try them) along with a plate that I left at his house.  He also got me some sun-dried tomato infused oil.  I think a pasta dish is calling me for that one or a pizza!

I drove back 100% without a GPS and actually never got lost.  I made it back perfectly.  I was pretty pumped.  I will admit though that I am fairly nervous at intersections now and I’m hoping that mellows out the more I get back to driving.

Now I am going to wake up Jack (who is taking a “nap” at 11p…oh what swing dancing weekends do to you…) so that we can head over to the “late nite” dance that starts at 1a.  It goes until 3a and then we have classes tomorrow as well.  Thankfully, the start later than today.  We don’t have to be there until 11a.  Can anyone say sleep in?

P.S. We finally did try the chocolate peanut butter cupcake from Scout’s Treats food truck.  We ate it after I finished blogging last night.


This cupcake was more moist than the other one but the best part was the thick peanut butter frosting.  I could eat it by the spoonful.  No question.


Question: What sort of dancing do you like best?


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