Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sucky Service Sunday

This is the last day before the start of a super socially filled week.

I woke up at 9:30 and gnawed on an old Slimfast bar that I found in Jack’s stash while checking out my role play information for the millionth time.  I also started watching Mad Men from the beginning.  I am fairly sure I have watched the first season but I can’t remember anything so I’m taking advantage of our Netflix subscription.  I plan on making it through the whole series at some point.

Jack eventually stirred himself out of bed and taught me how to enter some data that I’ll be working on over the coming weeks.  We also ran into a stupid “sticky keys” issue with my computer that we are still 100% of how to resolve.  A restart worked it’s magic but I need to figure out the key combination to do it without shutting down.

Being in possession of two free cheese quesadilla coupons, we hit up Denny’s for lunch on my way out of town.  The restaurant was completely full so we waited for a bit before we were seated and not ten minutes after sitting down and ordering the A/C kicked on and showered me with icy air.  I ended up having to move to Jack’s side of the table because the waitress snobbily told me that they can’t control the temperature in house and therefore she couldn’t do anything.  Needless-to-say the service was fairly crappy.

The food though was nice.  As I mentioned earlier we got quesadillas and then split an apple cranberry chicken salad with the balsamic vinaigrette on the side.


The best part of the salad was definitely the glazed pecans.


These bad boys were awesome.  The whole thing though was nice and I liked how each of the elements played with the others.  The quesadillas were nice and cheddary and even better when dipped into the dressing of the salad.  We multitask, what can I say…

We parted ways in the parking lot and I drove back down to my apartment.  This was the first time I was traveling on the same path as I had the day of my accident.  I’m not a big believer in psychosomatic manifestations, when the stresses of the mind manifest themselves in the body, but today might have just been proof enough for me.  I was driving past the miles where I was stopped on the highway prior to my accident and I got struck by a headache and my chest tightened up.  When I got beyond the towing company’s lot about 7-8 miles down the road I was totally fine again.  When this happened I didn’t even know which miles were the culprit from that day so I called up Jack to see where it went down and lo and behold the miles were the ones I had just passed.  Believe what you will.

When I arrived home I brought everything back to the apartment, fought off the urge to drown in ice cream just because, and dressed for the fitness center.  When I got there I tackled 25 minutes on the elliptical and then 15 minutes on the bike.  I try not to run back to back so this was perfect.  It felt nice.

Back in my kitchen I snagged a banana bite with white chocolate peanut butter and a shower before settling into my role play plan…again.  When I had made my way through it I started on dinner.  At Denny’s, the pancakes were calling to me so I made a big batch of my own wheat flour pancakes.


I had four topped with sunbutter, maple, and chia.  Fantastic my dears, fantastic!


Post-dinner consisted of another episode of Mad Men and a full run through of my presentation tomorrow.  I can only hope it goes well.  Please lord, let it be better than the last.  These are supposedly graded based on personal improvement and not in-class competition.  If that is indeed true, I just need to step up my game.  I can do this!

Dessert was my reward for a fairly decent run through.  I took home some of the awesome peanut butter Oreo stuffed brownie bites from Jack’s apartment so I heated one of those up and paired it with both Blue Bell flavors, some Moose Tracks, and then chocolate sauce.


This will never get old.

Well that’s it for tonight my lovelies!  I’m headed to bed.  This week, like I mentioned at the start, is going to be full of social events and appointments.  Just you wait, there is a lot lined up.  Should be fun and stressful at the same time because my time is pretty much scheduled back to back from here till Friday.  Deep breath.  Here we go!

Question: Are you a fan of having every moment scheduled and accounted for or do you like a bit of freedom?


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