Monday, September 26, 2011

Accomplishment is Tasty

Welcome to the week everyone!

I said hello to the morning with a nice breakfast of bacon, pancakes topped with sunbutter, fig & ginger jam, maple syrup, and chia seeds, alongside an egg.


The yolk was probably the best part.  Check out how gooey it was.


Awesome sauce for sure.  Also, you know me and fig & ginger jam, we’re tight.  Definitely made my pancakes happy.

I walked to school in the brisk morning air and arrived just in time to head to Communications class.  We talked about client resistance and adherence and those coping strategies that client’s use on occasion.  It’s weird to learn all this mostly because you realize just how many coping mechanism you yourself use on a daily basis in your everyday life.  Talk about taking a look inside your own mind…

After class most of us got busy on homework.  I worked on finishing up my MedGen report and my prenatal outlines.  I did the first but not the second.  Oh well.  I also took the time to read my teratogen article for tomorrow’s Foundations class. Somewhere in there I managed to snag lunch.


Leftover Sante Fe casserole doctored up with onion/garlic powder, Old Bay seasoning, and a pinch of salt.  Needed more salt looking back on it, though I rarely say it and I hesitate to add more salt to things but sometimes, it’s just what the dish needs.  I have heard that if you’re eating a dish and it seems just barely off a tiny, little bit…add salt and it’ll jive.

A bit after the main event I snacked on some candy corn while doing more work.


There were also some M&Ms and Reese’s Pieces in there too.  Scrumptious.  It was a great pick me up heading into the afternoon stretch.

Metabolism was next at 1p and, like usual, we were finished with an unGodly number of slides in under 40 minutes.  He talks so quick I can’t even keep up most of the time!  That, and to make matters “worse”, we have a test on Monday in that class.  I have no idea how to even being studying for it.  There is sooooo much information.

But before I get bogged down in that test, Human Genetics class was at 2p and we were reminded of our more immediate problem: exam on Wednesday (t-minus 2 days).  I haven’t been this nervous about a genetics test in years.  I don’t know what to expect.  I don’t know how much information he wants us to remember.  I hate feeling like this.  Blah.  On the bright side, our lecture on Bayesian risk assessment was both interesting and understandable today.  Score.

We finished class early so I walked home and was there by 3:40p.  I changed and worked out right away while my motivation was still existent. I did 18 minutes on the elliptical followed by 18 minutes on the bike.  My workout companion was again my notebook for HumGen.  No rest for the weary I suppose.

Upon getting back in the apartment I made a post-workout refueling snack.  It was a take on yesterday’s pear dish but this time I coated the pears in cinnamon alone and heated those for a minute.  I then globbed on a protein “frosting” made with unsweetened vanilla protein mixed with maple syrup and some water to thin it out.  Omgoodness yum.


I added chia on top too!  This was fantastic and a great way to use really, really soft pears (like so soft they melt in your hands).

I talked with my best friend and jerked around for a bit on e-mail and my Google Reader before realizing that I really should be productive.  I got up, showered, dressed in comfy PJs and got back to work.  To make up for not finishing my prenatal outlines at school, I tackled and completed those right before dinner.  I also did a bit more studying before my mom called.  We spoke for a bit and then she had to get off the phone to eat dinner which is when I took my cue to go make my salad.


This creation had celery, carrots, onion, orange tomato, cheddar jack cheese, and baked beans all atop a bed of red leaf lettuce.  If you have never used baked beans in place of dressing on a salad you need to jump on that train because it’s leaving the station for the Delish Depot.  C’mon, don’t get left behind!

Mom called back after I had finished my salad and she caught me in the middle of a large bowl of lightly salted popcorn.


I inhaled this while talking to her about how alone I feel here in the big city.  My program consists of a small group of young ladies and we’re together every day of the work week but when classes end and everyone goes home, that’s it.  I don’t have anyone.  Also, because the majority of our classes are just the six of us there really isn’t any way to meet other students.  I don’t have time to get involved in extra groups and commit my time and I don’t have the money to hang out with a lot of the foodie friends I met at Supper Club because going out more than once or twice a month just isn’t in the cards right now.

I did some database entry for 90 minutes after my call with mom and then rewarded myself for that hard work with this baby.


Reese’s s’more. Unreal.

Sadness report: this was the last of my graham crackers.  I need to get some ASAP.

More studying followed that super 5 bite treat.  In the end, I indulged again.  This time I had the last Oreo stuffed brownie bite (heated) with moose tracks ice cream, chocolate sauce, and chopped Reese’s Pieces.


Happiness in a bowl for sure.

Now I am off to watch The Sing Off on my DVR and the last bit of the Redskins game.  I would tell you the score but I’m superstitious about “saying it out loud”…  Maybe you should just tune in as well!

Questions: Who is your NFL team?  Do you have any superstitions when watching a game?


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