Thursday, September 15, 2011

Chilly, Carrots, and Cheese

Goodness gracious, it was a long, long day!

Breakfast got me off to a great start.  I had a thick and creamy carrot cake smoothie.


Now normally I would have sipped this on the way to class but with it being 46 degrees I decided eating before my walk and bundling up instead was the best thing to do.  Boy, I was right.  It was a chilly 25 minutes.

Foundations class consisted of a lecture on pregnancy screening options.  We talked about everything from 1st trimester screening to nuchal translucency to maternal serum factors and high resolution ultrasound.  There was a ton of information but it was all in my comfort zone.  I crave prenatal counseling info so I had a great morning.

When we got back to the student room after class I got going on finishing up my case prep for Monday.  I also took advantage of the awesome clinical color printer to make some visual aids that I can practice with over the weekend.  Oh yea, make that a lot of practice.  Tons.  My nerves are starting to kick in about the role play on Monday but I feel like I know the info so hopefully I can just level out.

For lunch I had leftover mac and cheese with tuna.  I was so happy with how full I was when I had this earlier in the week that I decided it was worth a second round.


I ate with my new gestational wheel and because I couldn’t help myself I figured out the exact day I would have been conceived.  Guess what, it’s in two days!  The 17th of September, 24 years ago.  Okay, so that is mildly awkward and I apologize if that was too much information, but I couldn’t help myself.  Haha.

I continued to work my booty off until Journal Club at 2p.  We discussed an article that addressed patient recollection of inheritance risks for congenital heart disease.  There was a lot of discussion and we ended up going 20 minutes over time.  Between then and 4p I read the chapter on the face and ears for Dysmorphology.  I will say I am glad I did because I actually ended up correcting the professor.

Initially when that happened I was so afraid he was going to hate me for bringing up a discrepancy in his lecture but he thanked me afterwards and that let me breathe for a moment.  During class I ate my snack, or at least part of it.


I had brought an apple, hummus, and a chocolate hazelnut ball but by the time I was even remotely hungry after lunch I just had the apple alone.  After class I walked home, thankful that it has warmed up a little bit since the morning.  When I got home I had to steel myself and make myself get dressed and hop on the treadmill.  I ran 2.3 miles and walked for a 5 min cool down.  I managed to do a negative split on the run going from 6.5mph to a high point of 7.3mph.  I then got on the bike for a further 9 minute cool down.  Though I wasn’t enthusiastic to start with I was glad I went.

Back at the apartment I made myself dinner.  I had thawed and peeled some shrimp earlier so I sauteed those in a half/half mix of butter and sun-dried tomato infused oil.  I then took them out of the pan and threw in onion and green pepper along with some garlic powder. While those were softening, I cooked whole wheat spaghetti and when it finished I tossed it and the shrimp back into the pan and coated everything.  Then I sprinkled dumped on a lovely helping of goat cheese.


Seriously, is there anything this cheese can’t do?  It halfway melted and made this awesome “sauce” almost on the noodles.


I was in heaven.

After dinner I showered and then my mom called and we talked for a bit about my follow up accident doctor’s appointments.  Since I’m not dizzy anymore we’re thinking the money would be better spent on the chiropractor rather than the neurologist.

Dessert consisted of two things: candy and ice cream.


I had a bowl of caramel apple candy corn and mello-crème pumpkins alongside a bowl of ice cream with dark chocolate and semi sweet chocolate chips and chocolate sauce.  While both were good, I’ll admit I’m a lush when it comes to chocolate.  I’ll choose it over non-chocolate candy/dessert every time.  Just hand over the cocoa and no one gets hurt!

Thought of the week: Isn’t it incredible how you can stare at/use something every single day but you have no idea about it other than your particular piece of the pie?  That didn’t come out super clearly so let me give you an example:


I use this elevator every day and I know exactly where the floor 10 and floor 1 buttons are.  I also know where the “door close” button is.  I got in the elevator the other day and a guy asked me to press floor 17 and it took me a good 10 seconds to find it.  It shouldn’t be that hard!  I see this panel at least twice a day but I only know what I need.  Weird.

Good night my dears!  I have a genetic counseling conference tomorrow morning and then a massage/chiropractic appointment all followed by a weekend with Jack.  Lots of driving, lots of time away from the apartment, lots of things to pack before bed.  *deep breath*  I can do this.

Question: Are you a chocolate person?


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