Saturday, September 24, 2011

End of the Week Crash Course

The past two days have been insane.

I haven’t had three seconds in a row to breath before going on to the next thing.


Breakfast consisted of a banana berry smoothie.  In the mix: one frozen banana, roughly a serving of frozen triple berry blend, 5 fruit protein powder, plus a touch of Stevia and a cup of almond milk.


Scrumptious.  I wasn’t super hungry in the morning so I sipped it on my way to school.  Foundations class was on ethnicity screening during pregnancy.  Basically certain populations are at higher risks for various diseases/conditions so it is beneficial and the standard of care to offer them screening for those things either before or as early as possible during pregnancy.  There were a lot of numbers and risks and chances and such and then to add salt to the wound, we talked about the various hemoglobinopathies which just blew our minds.  Who knew a disease could be so darn complicated!?!  After class I did some work and ate lunch just before PreClinic Conference.  I had a vanilla protein “breakfast cake” topped with sunbutter mixed with maple syrup.


Oh my goodness.  There are no words to describe this couple.  Sunbutter + maple = HEAVEN.  I was a happy camper.  Dysmorphology was next and we talked about the periorbital region.  Eye growth follows brain growth and the newly formed eyes have to migrate properly so there were some very creepy looking pictures at times.  Most of it however was hyper- or hypotelorism meaning too wide set or too close set eyes, respectively.  That wasn’t so bad.  I will say though that this class is making me look at myself and people in general in a whole new light.  I can’t look at someone now without assessing their face for symmetry and correct/normal features.  It’s kind of funny really.  On my way home I snacked on some cashews and honey roasted peanuts.


When I got home I put my things down, changed, did 30 minutes on the elliptical trainer, came back and showered, dressed, and headed out to attend a CCC night up where I used to go to school.  CCC stands for Chinese, Chocolate, and Cheap Wine and it is a gathering I started as a freshly 21 year old undergraduate.  Basically it’s a group of women who get together and order Chinese takeout.  Everyone brings either chocolate or a bottle of wine to share.  It’s a ton of fun.  When I left my undergraduate institution, a girlfriend of my picked up hosting duties and this was her first one.  Takeout consisted of orange chicken, chicken lo mein, and moo shu pork.


I had a plate of everything and I went back for seconds on the moo shu and orange chicken.



Afterwards came the fun part: chocolate!  There was everything from Nutty Bars to Reeses to white chocolate Moments and turtles.  Oh man, this is where it’s at. 


In terms of wine I contributed a white merlot which was conveniently on super sale at Meijer.  Perhaps I need to go here more often…


On the whole the night was wonderful and it was great to catch up with some of my old friends that I don’t get to see very often anymore.  Plus, I met this adorable little puppy named Ella and I fell in love.


I want her.  By the end, I left the party early because I had to get home so I could get some sleep before clinic on Friday.


After going to sleep at midnight, I woke up at 9:15 and immediately headed to the gym after inhaling a frozen banana bite.  I jumped on the treadmill and did 3.5 miles in 30 minutes with a subsequent 5 minute cool-down.  It felt awesome.  I was super sweaty afterwards so I hiked back to my apartment and showered/got ready for clinic.  On my way out the door (perhaps in a slightly rushed manner) I made up a pancake sandwich.


This sucker had a mixture of peanut butter and fig & ginger jam on the inside.  Boy, this is the way to do it when you’re craving pancakes but have to walk 1.5 miles to school.  Nomnom.  I arrived on time to clinic but the patient came 20 minutes late.  I managed to avoid this crazy refreshments table while I waited:


When we finally started the session, family history taking ended up eating an hour of our appointment so by the time we got back into the room after briefing the medical geneticist we were running incredibly late.  Because of that, I ended up arriving a half hour late to my massage appointment, starving because I hadn’t eaten since 10:45 and now it was 2:45, and ready to de-stress.  My hour long bliss was just what I needed to rejuvenate.  I was so happy the whole time.  When it sadly ended, I drove myself home and dove into a gigantic bowl of cereal that I had been craving since noon.


This bowl had wheat puffs, peanut butter and chocolate puffins, honey squares, and cinni-mini crunch cereal all drenched and floating in a sea of vanilla protein powder almond milk.  It was awesome.  I worked on my patient letter homework assignment before heading to meet Jack for dinner at 6:30.  We met for date night at McAlisters to use up the last two free meal tickets we had. He got the Sweet Chipotle Chicken Salad and I got the Spud Ole with veggie chili and no jalapeños.


I have never seen such a large potato.  I’m fairly sure it was over a foot long and it was delicious to the last bite.  To top off dinner we went to Maggie Moo’s and ordered ice cream.  They make it on a cold slab and mix-in all the things you want or you can order a pre-assigned combo.


Jack dug into a large waffle cone with Better Batter Cake Carnival and I ordered a small cup of S’more Fun than a Campfire (but with dark chocolate ice cream as the base rather than milk chocolate). 


Very good though we think it was a tad overpriced.  His concoction ended up being over $8…  As the next part of our date night, we hit up a swing dance for a few hours and danced the night away.  I ran into an old classmate which was fun and some people from my old swing club.  On the whole it was a wonderful night for sure.

Question: Do you prefer Coldstone, Marble Slab, or Maggie Moo’s?


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