Monday, September 19, 2011

New Combo Love

Today was a good start to the week.

Breakfast was made last night and taken with me because I left early and got to the student room around 8am to make sure I had time to print off all the necessary components for my role play.


I had vanilla protein oatmeal with cranberries.  I topped it with a dollop of fig & ginger jam.  Wow, why haven’t I done this combination sooner?  The jam was beyond great.

In Communications class we had three of the six of us give thirty minute role plays.  I, unfortunately, go on Wednesday.  Sucks because I felt super ready to go this morning but I figure if I felt good going into it today, I will be just as prepared on Wednesday.  Here’s hoping.

After watching the role plays we headed back to the student room and I proceeded to print off all of my visual aid portfolio pages.  By the way, the color printer in our department doesn’t tell you when it’s out of paper.  It just stops printing.  How unhelpful!

For lunch I had a hickory smoked turkey, smoked gouda, and dijonnaise sandwich with Bold Chex Mix, plantain crunchers, and peanut butter filled pretzels on the side.


I really do love this cheese.  Nomnom.  Happiness.

Metabolism class went at lightning speed and was followed by Human Genetics where we talked about population genetics.  I know Hardy-Weinberg is just to give us an idea about how populations act but honestly, it’s long list of particulars that can’t be violated ALWAYS ARE so that just pitches it out the window.  Oh well.

I was going to walk home after class ended but it was raining so I took the bus.  Unfortunately I still had to walk to the stop and got pretty wet in the process.


When I got home I left in my car to get my Ohio e-check exemption signed by the local university police and it took forever which means that I had to push back my workout plans in order to get on the road to the chiro office.  I ate a peanut butter pretzel Mojo bar on the way to hold me over until dinner.


Chiro was nice and quick and on my way back into town I stopped by Marsh to pick up a few salad fixins, fruit, garlic, and eggs.  I then took those into the fitness room with me and ran a 20 minute interval run culminating in a minute at 9mph.  I did a 5 minute cool down then high tailed it back to the apartment because I was starving.  While my pasta cooked up I snacked on a pickle.


After the pasta finished I added in fire roasted pepper and onion chicken sausage and some sundried tomatoes.  I then tossed it all in ranch dressing and added some reduced fat parmesan cheese.


Lord have mercy!  Where has this idea of ranch pasta been all my life?!?!?  We shall meet again, soon for sure.

After dinner I showered and read the articles for tomorrow’s prenatal lecture in Foundations class.  They were interesting though I feel like I’ve read 8 other articles that have said the same things.  We’re doing a lot with ultrasound findings and there are only so many times you can read about the false positive rates of a procedure before you just start skimming.

Dessert came in the form of caramel apple candy corn, mello-crème pumpkins, and some Chex Mix Muddy Buddies.


Simply, a bit ADD, and yummy.

With that my friends I must call it a night.  I have a well deserved date with the DVR.  Royal Pains is calling.

Questions: Have you ever drenched your carbs in ranch dressing?  What’s your favorite sauce for your pasta?


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