Sunday, January 20, 2013

Third Dancing Anniversary

Three years of dancing together.  Lindy, blues, even sometimes the occasional bit of balboa, west or east coast.  Regardless of type, it has been a pleasure to hit the floor with my love.  Hard to believe it’s been a whole so long.  In honor, we had a date at Orange Leaf for some froyo.

Anniv Froyo

Then we headed to the dance so we could take our traditional photo.  You can see last year’s here.

BiTN 2013


It is crazy to see how much we’ve changed since first meeting each other at this blues exchange in 2010.  On another note, Google came through today.  There are times I really am thankful for all those brilliant minds that work for the search engine.  They really know how to read your mind.


Knew exactly what I wanted.  I was looking for the teratogenic effects of hydrocodone in pregnancy and there it was.  The class C ranking is sadly not incredibly helpful though it is the standard rating system and a fair guess by Google as so exactly what I wanted.  I needed to continue to comb through results but a nice first line presentation.  Go Google.

Question: When has Google come through for you?


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