Friday, January 18, 2013

No Loans, Some Groans

Happy Friday!

We made it to the end of the week and we’re already halfway through January…

And in the carefree spirit of Friday, I wanted to share a triumph with you.  The absolutely wonderful feeling I got deleting this e-mail almost as soon as it hit my inbox.


No more federal student aid for me.  This chick is graduating in four months and never looking back!  Now, yes, that does mean I have to start paying back my loans, but I’d take that over continually accruing debt for any number of future semesters.  Nope, I’m outta there!

My day was spent working from home but that meant that I got to get up when I wanted (aka 7:45 in the morning) and laze about and workout on my time frame. I changed into workout clothes and realized that I had a bit of a bruise from last night’s aerial silks greatness.


It isn’t major, but I wore it like a badge of honor.  Here’s to many more.  At the gym, I finished up Stage Four of NROLFW so I can officially say I’m more than halfway done with the program.  Awesome!  After my HIIT snippet on the elliptical, I came home for breakfast.  On my way I picked up a package I had gotten: chocolate Stevia.


I figured I should try it out for breakfast and threw together some greek yogurt and cherry jam to make a chocolate cherry concoction.  I had that with a side of peanut butter and honey waffles.


The whole thing was pretty awesome.  I forgot how incredible peanut butter and honey is as a combination.  Why don’t I do this more often?  And the chocolate Stevia wasn’t half bad either.  Sweet with a mildly cocoa-y flavor.

After a late breakfast I showered and then got to work.  Even if I didn’t have patients today I needed to get a lot done.  I got saddled with a presentation on the teratogenic effects of antiepileptic drugs and epilepsy in pregnancy.  *groan*  I give it to the whole maternal-fetal-medicine office on Jan 30th but I was told it needed to be essentially constructed by midweek next week.  I figured that I had the whole day today so I was just going to bust that sucker out.  Sadly, it didn’t start off easily.  At one point I’m fairly sure I had something like 17 or 20 Chrome tabs open with al sorts of cohort studies and drug descriptions open.  Eventually, maybe two hours later, things sort of started to take shape.  A Zevia Cream Soda kept me company and kept my spirits up as I trudged through the huge articles.


Finally around 1:30 I decided to take a break and have some lunch.  At the same time I called my supervisor and had a conversation about what patients I wanted to see this coming week.  Ended up with some interesting indications I think but I may pay for it in terms of prep time.  Lunch was an edamame hummus and egg sandwich with the last two slices of cheddar cheese from my fridge.  I had a side of crunchmaster crackers too.


The egg salad was maybe one of the best I’ve made, at least in a long time.  I really liked the edamame flavor with the creaminess of the egg.  Must have been a filling lunch too because I went the entire rest of the afternoon and evening until 7p without so much as thinking about anything other than antiepileptic drugs and major malformations.  CyBot was unhappy too.  See, his red eye, that’s annoyance.


At 7 I figured I had made incredible progress, so much so that I might consider this presentation nearly done.  Or at least its enough “roughed out” for a once-over by my supervisors.  I’m sure they’ll have things to change, add, delete, whatever… Plus, I have the rest of the weekend and I’m sure I’ll make a few changes.  I’m never satisfied.  Dinner was eaten in front of the TV as a reward for working essentially 8+ hours at home.  I made myself a salad with all sorts of veggies, cranberries, goat blue cheese, and spicy French dressing.


I seriously cannot even describe how perfectly creamy, scrumptious, and damn delicious this cheese is.  It made the salad.  It probably would make EVERY salad.  Good buy, Jill, good buy.  The rest of the evening consisted of more Vampire Diaries, some cereal with mini chocolate chips, and crosswords on my tablet.  Not such a bad kickoff to the weekend, especially when tomorrow night is going to be filled with dancing!

Questions: What is your favorite salad cheese?
What is your favorite presentation you ever gave?


  1. I found NROL for women boring and long. How do you get through it? Wow! Sorry about your bruise you sure can see it.

    Advice (take it or leave it): Pay off your student loans asap. They tend to haunt you. Paying mine off was happier than the day I graduated. :)

    1. I don't know how I get through it. I may be half asleep most times since I do it at 6am. I think I just keep going for the sake of finishing and honestly, I feel stronger so that is always a plus. Though now as I'm looking at Stage 5 and its the same as a previous stage that I didn't particularly enjoy, we'll see how it goes from here. As for the advice, thanks for the wisdom. I have heard it before and I fully intend to make as short work as possible of my loans!


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