Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Kitchen Mats

Today’s What I Ate Wednesday post comes from yesterday, mostly because today was a bit of a whirlwind when it came to meal times.  I literally scarfed down breakfast on the way out the door, inhaled lunch twenty minutes before my afternoon prenatal patient while reviewing records, and chowed down my snack in the midst of a patient letter.  Anyways, let’s chat about yesterday’s eats, which I guarantee were just as yummy as today’s.  Breakfast was a green monster with strawberries, peanut butter, vanilla protein powder, chia and flax seeds, and spinach.


Combined with almond milk, this smoothie was almost overflowing!


In the midst of drinking, I came to the realization that I don’t particularly like smoothies made with frozen strawberries.  The whole thing tasted kind of bland and icy.  Frozen bananas for me from now on!  Lunch was a helping of vegged-out quinoa leftovers and a hard-baked eggs.  The best part was my own version of greek yogurt with fruit on the bottom.  Strawberry jam and mini chocolate chips too for a kick of sweetness!


Afternoon snackage was a nice bowlful of sweet potato wedges with sunbutter on the side.  This was an unexpected, awesomely delicious combo.  Must do this again soon!


Yesterday’s dinner was a work of art, probably one of the greatest salads to date.  All forms of veggies plus cranberries, manchego and goat blue cheeses, and lite Caesar dressing.


I ate this baby in front of the TV watching The Biggest Loser.  Hey, at least it was a salad.  I have been known to order Chinese takeout for Biggest Loser nights.  Haha.


Even my dessert was healthy-ish.  Another paleo brownie was almond butter, topped with Arctic Zero and chocolate chips.


See, a fabulous day of eats!  I was most pleased and actually really nice and satisfied all day.  And I wasn’t only satisfied with food, but with my brand new clothes.  I love how awesome you feel wearing all the new things you got for Christmas.  Like a million bucks.


Even matched my earrings perfectly.


That awesome outfit were yesterday’s dubs.  Today was more of a lace day.


Pretty and functional.  I normally wear the purple shirt without anything underneath but given the incredibly conservative Catholic hospital I’m currently seeing patients at, I figured I should add a few inches just to be safe.  Plus, the white lace matched my shoes…which you can see here, kicked off in the middle of Bed, Bath, & Beyond.


I went to the store for an iron and ended up talking myself out of that and into a stellar gel kitchen mat.  It was on my Christmas list and I didn’t get one so I figured I could just buy one for myself!  Thank you gift card.  Why did I have my shoes off you ask?  It’s not like I was going to buy a mat without trying it out for myself!  That would be silly.  This one that I bought felt amazing.  I used it while cooking up my skinny cajun pasta tonight.


Loved how comfy I was the whole time!  Now I’m off to do some more population genetics problems and get to bed early.  I have a patient at 8:20 tomorrow morning which means I need to be on the road by 7:15am.  Not sure I’m going to have enough time to work out before I get in the car so I might have to move the sweat session to Thursday evening.  So g’night all, sleep well!

Questions: Do you use a gel kitchen mat?
What’s your favorite pasta dish?


  1. No gel mat. I think any pasta will just about do it for me. With some sort of cheese of course. My body is not too crazy about it but my mouth loves it all!

    I always put a frozen banana with the other fruit. I know that seems like a lot of fruit but I'm not likely to eat any other during the day.

    1. Smoothies are a great way to get the fruit in without thinking about it too much!

  2. From your delicious meals to your adorable outfit, your whole day just sounds perfect :)

  3. You probably made a good choice going with the gel mat over my makeshift memory foam bath mat ;) Plus you actually cook and I don't! lol

    1. Truth. Plus, it was the exact same price, to the cent!


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