Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Birthday Cake And Chameleons

Today was a long day of work and prep.  I woke up and grabbed breakfast on the way out the door.  In the bowl: steel cut oats topped with chai latte protein “frosting”, sliced bananas, chia seeds, and wheat germ.


It was delicious and didn’t last three minutes in the shuttle on the way to class.  Cancer genetics was about the ethical issues involved in testing individuals as well as some slides on new genes that may or may not adjust cancer risks as they may play mitigating roles in gene-gene interactions.  It was interesting but long.  After the two hours were over I headed back to the student room because Cytogenetics was cancelled.  I did some result faxing and some patient prep for tomorrow before heading to work.

I've been learning all about Loeys Dietz syndrome and Shprintzen-Goldberg syndrome (SGS) this week.  Both are incredibly close when it comes down to features and such but SGS typically has more developmental delay and a VERY low risk for familial recurrence which would not be consistent with sibling involvement…

After doing a few stages twos at work we settled down for lunch real quick.  I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a side of tomatoes and an orange.  Small but satisfying. There is something about a PB&J that you really can’t go wrong with.


I went back to work and then returned to the student room for a few more moments of printing and prepping.  On my way out the door I busted out an apple and headed to the shuttle for home. 


Once back I got on the elliptical for 18 minutes followed by the stationary bike for another 18 minutes.  I followed that up with a 12 minutes ab circuit.  I did the following twice:
  • 1 minute plank
  • 1 minute of full sit ups (keep your feet on the floor to work your lower abs!)
  • 1 minute of kayak paddlers
  • 10 side crunches each side
  • 10 plank left lifts each side, alternating
  • 3 downward dog abdominal tripulls each side
When I finished I was famished so I chopped up a salad and topped it with some taco seasoning, medium heat salsa, and Mexican shredded cheese.  I may or may not have gobbled down a pickle and a handful of chickpeas while I was chopping…


Super duper delicious cream soda to drink on the side.


I immediately showered afterwards and hopped in the car to go to Jess’s birthday party.  She is a fellow first year and she turned 23 today.  Youngin’!  Anyways, we had puppy chow, peanut butter & chocolate chip cookies, plus a very cute cake that was dedicated to her beloved home state.


There was also playing with the chameleon (named Wally) and house of cards building and destroying. 


All in all a good night with good conversation. I think we’re so very different outside the classroom than in it. I much prefer our less-stressed versions. =D


Before I head to bed I will leave you with a tune that really spoke to me this weekend.  The lyrics grabbed me and Jack told me I should take notice.  Perhaps I’ll just have to blast the the song a bunch and dance around my apartment to it…oh wait, I’ve already done that.  Hehe.

Questions: What is your dream birthday cake?
Have you ever seen a chameleon as a pet?


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