Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cakes and Chores

Confession: Vacuum lines are super.


Don’t you just love my beautiful, freshly cleaned apartment?  I know I do.  Happiness abounds for sure!  It makes me feel so much better knowing that all the dirt from the past two weeks are now out of my carpet and out of my lungs.


Anyways, now I’m off to meet the second batch of interviewees for my genetic counseling program.  I go to the house dinner bearing a Better Than Sex cake thanks to Pinterest.  Step one: bake a chocolate cake with yogurt and water instead of oil and eggs (trust me on this one!). Step two: poke holes in the cake and pour sweetened condensed milk and caramel over the top. Step three: after the cake is cooled and set in the fridge for a while, smooth the top out with whipped cream, chunked candy bars, and more caramel.  =D


Basically this should be have deliciousness firing on all cylinders.  Nomnom.  I can’t wait to have a chunk of this tonight after dinner while we’re doing our question and answer session with the interviewees.  It’s about to be awesome.

Friday French –>

Phrase: Je suis fatigué.
Translation: I am tired.
Story: Last night I crashed really early.  After the race and a full day out in the sun I got super tired super quick.  Therefore for this blog feature, albeit two days late, I figured I should learn/perhaps remember from high school how to say this phrase.

Now I should get going though.  Don’t want to be late for the gathering!  Talk to you all later peeps.

Questions: On any level, do you think cake can be better than sex?
What chore can you do in your house to make you feel really accomplished?

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  1. oooooh that cake looks fantastic! i love baking on the weekends!


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