Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Home Cooked Happenings

Lots has happened at home these past few days.  I sincerely do love being here in the company of my family.  We haven’t really done a whole bunch per say because Jack and I are completely content in simply relaxing and watching a bunch of episodes of Stargate.  Many movies have been viewed in the company of all four of us as well.  In terms of eats, we have been all over the map, in a good way.  Have a look:

Happy hour is a big thing around these parts.  We love the 5 o’clock hour.  I’ve had quite a few gin & tonics as well a fair share of sampling wines: red, white, and sparkling.


Lunches have revolved around this GREAT tempeh “chicken” salad I made.  A heaping helping of that on Panera’s tomato basil bread…oh my.  Chips, crackers, sweet tomatoes, and apples too are lunch time staples.


We four have been investigating Jelly Belly flavors.  Dad somehow ended up with a huge container of all their flavors so we are making out way through them.  Do you think they have enough shades of yellow?


The responsibility of dinner has fallen to both couples over the past nights.  Jack and I made a lentil meatloaf (which we have made previously and loved) with a side of baked potato and mom and dad made pineapple salsa salmon, cherry and walnut cold green beans, and ginger apple quinoa.  We also had chili with rosemary focaccia.


Salads were an obligatory side of each dinner too.  My parents make their own Italian dressing to go with the veggies.


Also of interest this week was the case of the growing garlic!  I don’t know about you but I haven’t ever seen garlic that has sprouted.  Needless to say I was amazed and a sort of geeked out a bit.  How cool is this, though, seriously?  The garlic even has little baby roots!


Other random eats had as afternoon snacks or baby breakfasts included cinnamon honey yogurt, (unpictured) strawberries, and mini bowls of multi-grain cheerios with almond-coconut milk.


One of the BEST things about being home is dad’s waffles.  Seriously awesome.  He is the waffle master.  I had mine topped with melty peanut butter, chia seeds, and some real maple syrup.  Each of us had a side of grapefruit too.  Nomnom!


Aside from waffles by dad, desserts by mom are another regular occurrence in my household.  We ended up making a German chocolate cake, complete with coconut-pecan frosting.  It was stellar.


Other goings on at home included an orange peep sighting (!) and a decent helping of Hunger Games photo porn.  I am on the edge of my seat.  I don’t know if I can wait until next Friday!  I mean, honestly, it’s not like I can do much else but wait, but it’s going to be hard…

IMG_6446IMG_6445On the weirdest note of the trip, I ear candled last night.  Crazy, I know, and I’m not super sold on it’s effectiveness but it was an interesting experiment.  It’s supposed to suck out the excess ear wax from your ears using negative pressure from the flame, I think.  Something ended up inside the candle while it was burning.  Whether or not it is wax, I shall let you decide.


So, basically, as you can see, this has been a great spring break so far and it’s only Tuesday!  How lovely is that?  Jack and I are actually about to head out to a local restaurant for dinner with my old friend, Katie.  Cannot wait!  Have a great rest of the day my dears and I’ll send you off into the evening with a song reminiscent of the long sunny walk Jack, mom, Tasha (my family’s puppy), and I took this afternoon.

Questions: What do you love about going home to visit?
How has the weather been in your parts of the country?


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