Monday, March 5, 2012

By The Numbers

182 – The number of samples I put through the spectrophotometer today at work.

84 – The number of samples I made and filled back up tubes for also at work today.

12 – The number of applicants that interviewed for my genetic counseling program this morning and afternoon (two bunches of six).


We all had a catered lunch of wraps and chips today in-between interviews.  I had a tomato wrap filled with veggies and cheese.  I added Dijon mustard to the mix and picked at sea salt chips.

1 – The number of free pretzels I ate during Aunt Anne’s Free Pretzel Day this past weekend.


I stood in line for about 10 minutes and got my cinnamon sugar pretzels sans beurre (that’s “without butter”) and I honestly didn’t even miss it.  I loved every bite.

30 – The number of minutes I did on the elliptical tonight while studying cytogenetics for my midterm on Thursday.

6 – The number of months since I had run out of Biscoff spread and was finally united with Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter goodness.


I went at it with a spoon…no lie.


23 – The number of years it took me to discover this awesomeness.


I eat so many salads that this is the best thing in my spice cabinet currently.  It really packs a flavor punch.

1/2 – The number of vegetables that actually made it into my salad tonight versus straight into my mouth because I was verging on hangry!


9 – The number of hours left until my first midterm of the week (in Cancer Genetics Class).  I’m terrified.

4 – The number of days until spring break!

5 – The number of “K”s that I will run with Joshua at the end of spring break for our Shamrock 5K!


2 – The rating from 0  to 10 (being burned out to being happy/peppy/etc) that I give myself at this moment.

Bed, anyone?  I think so.  Cross your fingers, your arms, your legs, your toes, you know, all of you for me tomorrow.  Thanks!

Questions: What is your next race?
What are you doing for spring break?


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