Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Forgive Me If I Fall Asleep

I can’t believe it’s already past 9 o’clock at night.  Where did the day go, seriously?!?  It was packed, I would say, with good eats, good people, and good times at work.  So let’s honor that all with a What I Ate Wednesday post, shall we?

I woke up and started off with a chocolate protein banana breakfast cake topped in cookie butter, syrup, and chia seeds.  I ate it at my desk by lamp light as I checked my e-mail and such before actually getting going with the day.


I ended up walking to class in the beautiful sunshine and actually ran into two of my classmates also on their walking way to class.  It was nice to have buddies to finish off the 20 minute jaunt with.  When we got to class we were met by a marriage and family therapist who specialized in the transgenerational effects of genetic testing/genetic information.  We spent the two and a half hour lecture talking about at-risk and known-risk/diagnosed families.  We discussed how their dynamics changed, how the information shifted coalitions/alliances between family members, and how you can never “un-know” information.  Intense stuff.

Towards the end of class I was getting rumbly in the tummy so as soon as we got back to the student room (we walked in the sunshine!) I broke out my grape tomatoes and TVP “pate” sandwich.  Essentially, to make the “pate”, I mixed one tablespoon each of yogurt, mayo, and salsa along with two tablespoons of Mexican cheese and then a fourth cup of TVP that had been rehydrated in veggie broth and liquid smoke.  This morning I smeared half of it on bread with some mustard and it was delicious for lunch.


After practically inhaling my food, the students headed over to support Morgan (a 2nd year) in her graduate thesis presentation.  She did such a great job and then she ended on a sour note when someone go all up in her business asking questions that really weren’t relevant.  They were actually kind of mean, I would say.  Anyways, we all smiled and lent our silent support.  She was very well composed.

Later, I snacked on an apple while I researched premature ovarian failure (POF).  Basically this is menopause before age 40.  One of my first thoughts was Turner syndrome.  This is a great place to start unless there is fertility involved as Turner patients are almost always infertile.  If patients are fertile, fragile X syndrome is a more reasonable hypothesis.  Women who are carriers of premutations in the FMR1 gene can have premature ovarian failure along with some mild facial features though often POF is all they show.


I hopped over to work for a while and did some pellet thaws before heading on a walk for home.  It was still as sunny as when I ambled to class in the morning but it was at least three times hotter.  By the time I stepped into my apartment I was all sorts of sweaty where my bookbag crossed me.  I figured I shouldn’t show up to my massage/chiro appointment all damp so I changed my shirt and headed out, snagging a protein bar in the elevator on the way.


My masseuse surprised me with her old copy of Runner’s World before she worked out all my kinks for a nice long hour.  When I laid down I was up front about being tired.  “Please forgive me if I fall asleep…” I said and fall asleep I did, very quickly.  I remember her starting on my head/face and arms but when she got to my legs and back I was a goner.  What can I say, I was sleepy and super relaxed!

I headed to Target after my back-to-back appointments for some salad fixins and more of the above nutrition bars.  I also may have gotten mildly carried away and picked up siracha for Jack when he’s around and some baby dill pickles on massive clearance for me.

Upon arriving at home, I changed into shorts and a t-shirt.  Since I hadn’t worked out yet for the day I figured I should get a bit sweaty on purpose this time.  It was already 7ish so I decided to do a living room routine.  I started off with the 4-minute workout I shared a bit ago and then did two cycles of the following circuit:
  • 50 jumping jacks
  • 5 pushups
  • 20 sit ups
  • 20 mountain climbers
  • 30-45 second plank
  • 7 burpees
With my heart rate up a bit, I started slicing and dicing for dinner.  I sautéed some onions, garlic, green peppers, mushrooms, and tomatoes in some sun-dried tomato oil and then I threw in one egg and two egg whites with some cracked pepper.  Once the whole thing was well scrambled I took it off the heat and topped it with salsa and Mexican cheese.  On the side I had pickles, carrots, and celery with BBQ ranch to dip.


As I sit here now, close to two hours after dinner I find myself thinking that I should pack for this weekend.  Yea, tomorrow night is too tightly squeezed with things to put clothes and toiletries together.  That leaves only now before I head out to dance the weekend away…  Alright, alright, I give in.  I’ll do it.  Later group!

Questions: What is your favorite way to cook eggs?
What is your favorite kind of pickle?


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