Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Friendship Feeds The Soul

Catching up with friends is always a pleasure, especially when the ones you’re with are those whom you share massive amounts of history with.  Take Katie, my best friend, for example.

While this was taken years ago (we’re talking 2009), we are pretty much the same geeks now as we were then.  We love Harry Potter and tried really hard to see all the movies together, we ice skated for years on the same team, and we have each others’ rocks since we were fairly young.  The first time we met I was flat on my back on the ice after having slammed my head into said ice while trying to do a move that I had NO BUSINESS being even near, let alone attempting.  Needless to say her peering over top of me and saying “hi” was the start of a fairly awesome friendship.


Anyways, last night Jack and I met up with her for a nice dinner at a local winery restaurant around town.  We arrived a bit after her and she came sprinting through the doors for a hug.  We are serious about hugs, let me just say.  =D  Afterwards we were seated at a high top table and we ordered the duck pot stickers for an appetizer.  Bread with spiced butter also arrived at the table as we looked over the food and wine menus.


After settling on entrees we tried out the duck and OH. MY. WORD.  It was stellar.  I honestly could have eaten the whole plate myself.  You give me an entrée choice like that and I’m all over it.  Great appetizer decision, for sure.  The bread and spiced butter wasn’t half bad either.  I chose a red wine called a Monastrell and I really enjoyed it with my food.  I’m getting more and more into red wine so I love it when I find another that I like.


For dinner Jack picked the cod special with lobster ravioli and a lemon caper cream sauce.  I had the macaroni, gouda, and chicken with asparagus while Katie had the lasagna (the boatful of lasagna actually).  All were fabulous and no, Katie didn’t eat the whole thing but I’d say she made a sizeable dent.  =D


We opted out of dessert and spent the rest of the time talking.  I’m fairly sure our waitress didn’t know what to do with us because we stayed so long after paying the tab.  When Jack and I got home though, we got our sugar rush on with slices of German chocolate cake and some French silk ice cream on the side.


Perfection.  And now I think I’ll go and spend more time on the floor with my love and my puppy.  It’s a good place to be this morning.  Have a great day.


Questions: How do you celebrate Pi Day?
What’s your favorite variety of red wine?


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