Monday, March 19, 2012

Thanks For The Memories

While I was home over spring break I had the task of cleaning out my old room of memorabilia.  I had a whole desk full of drawers and a few legal boxes to work through.  It took a lot of time but I ended up finding a lot of stuff that brought a smile to my face.  Allow me to share some of my young life with you:


Third place ribbons in gym class


Rockin’ my standardized tests


Old report card comment


Notes from mom in my agenda book


My idols (that should read Kristi Yamaguchi) and dreams


Old projects




Since when did homework get harder than this awesomeness?


Books for fun or school from my earlier years


That’s right: old school tapes!


Homework from seventh or eighth grade science class
that I am still, to this day, very very proud of.
Handdrawn and hand colored!


Stickers were the best sort of reward back then


My old school IDs from seventh through twelfth grade


I can’t believe I wrote this in my agenda book…what a day that was.


This pink floppy disk used to hold my homework


An adorable caricature from freshman year in college


That’s right, Disney Princesses calendar!


Loads of jewelry (most of which I didn’t keep)

So yea, as you can see, it was an emotional experience.  It was cute to go through everything though and it felt oddly grown up of me.  I guess I really am moving up and out slowly.  Speaking of “out”, after this whole afternoon strolling down memory lane, we all went for dinner at a new place in town called Corks.


We ordered two bottles of wine, one red and one white, for the table because how can you go to a place called Corks and not order wine, seriously?  Bread with divine basil butter came to the table and to accompany the wine, we ordered two appetizers: tequila shrimp and bistro chips.


For entrees, mom and I split a house salad with goat cheese, pine nuts, and a merlot vinaigrette and the Cork’s Mac n’ Cheese.


I couldn’t believe the amount of flavor in the gnocchi dish.  It was incredible.  The handmade pasta was soft and dreamy, like little pillows of pumpkin and sage.  Oh man, the SAGE!  Lordie, greatness.  I want more right now.  Haha.  We skipped dessert at the restaurant and instead finished the bottles of wine and headed home.  We served up bowls of German chocolate cake with French silk ice cream along with some port wine while we watched some Stargate.


A great end to a great night.  A terrific topper to an emotionally trying day.  The next morning we headed out to drive back to my apartment.  We stopped for lunch to break up the five hour drive.  We split broccoli soup and I had a really great sandwich.  Bacon, tomato and cheese panini = delicious.


Welcome home frozen yogurt = MORE delicious.  Jack and I found a new place for froyo that offers 20% off from 1-3p Monday through Friday.  We will be back!


Anyways, there is my emotional post about the end of spring break.  Today was the first day back and I worked almost seven hours, had lunch with the second batch of interviewees, and came home to do 40 minutes on the stationary bike as well as some weights before dinner.  I’m pooped and I have another full day tomorrow so I’m off to bed.  We have only SIX weeks left to go in this semester.  I can’t even believe it!

Questions: Do you like port wine?
What is your favorite way to do mac n’ cheese?


  1. I totally still have that American Girl book in my closet at home somewhere! I loved that thing!

    1. For sure. I loved it too! Fairly sure I wrote some awesome notes with it.


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