Saturday, March 10, 2012

Road Trip

Welcome to spring break 2012 ladies and gentlemen.  It feels so lovely to be home with my family and completely devoid of homework/study responsibilities.  Should I work on my thesis, probably… Will I? Perhaps… We’ll see how inclined I am/how motivated a I feel to do work like that.  Who knows.

Last night Jack and I embarked on the five hour trip late in the day because he had class and I did some work since my patient cancelled and I had time sans report writing.  We took my car, which is a manual shift, so that meant that I drove the whole way.  We did however take a stretch/dinner break at Five Guys.  I ordered a little cheeseburger with all sorts of goodness on top like grilled mushrooms and onions.  Jack got a regular cheeseburger with much of the same stuff on top.  We split a regular order of fries.


Delicious all around. This was just what I needed as a pick me up before getting back in the car for the last half of the drive.  We also snacked on peanuts with dinner.  The darker shells are mine because I suck on the outsides for the brine.  Jack thinks I’m weird.  Haha.


When we arrived at home my mom was completely asleep so we unloaded while she dreamt.  I woke her up a bit later and we chatted some before everyone split up for sleep.  This morning mom went off for her justice system child advocate training and I did 40 minutes on the elliptical in the basement.  I had a light breakfast of peanut butter/cinnamon/chia seed toast with strawberries and mandarin slices before taking a quick shower.


Jack and I then headed out to the salon for my haircut.  Yay!  I only let one person cut my hair, the same woman since I was six.  This is another reason that I love coming home.  Old habits die hard, I guess.


We then went to a local market for produce and also hit up a local bakery for sweets.  Jack and I are making dinner tonight so we wanted a nice dessert to go with it.  I’d say this spread should do just fine.  I’ll let you know how it all tastes after I sample everything tonight!


We restrained ourselves from devouring all the sweets on the way home so when we got back we were a bit hungry.  We noshed on a late lunch of leftover margarita pizza from the fridge instead of making something.  We split the plate and ate it cold.  I loved the super thin crust.


Now, I know it’s Saturday technically but I need to get in my weekly language post so here it is:

Friday French –>

Phrase: C'est bien aimable a toi.
Translation: It’s very nice of you.
Story: Saying thank you is great and all but sometimes it can be cool to use another sort of phrase.  Alternative to thank you or even just in addition to, this will be sure to very up the expressions of gratitude.

At this point, I think I’m going to veg out to some Stargate episodes.  I love not having to do anything!  Have a wonderful relaxing rest of your Saturday.  I may even take a page from my puppy’s book and take a nap.  =D


Questions: How frequently do you get haircuts?
What’s your favorite bakery item?


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